Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some of Lexi's Favorites

Wow, I never realized how much a girl has got to have until having one of my own. She is a total girl, but not afraid to get dirty and I love it!

Some of Lexi's Favorites:

Favorite color: I would say Pink and Purple, hello they're Dora colors

Favorite toy: Her Dora backpack

Favorite food: Cheese, this girl would eat cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I'd let her.

Favorite show: Hello, Dora, need I say more!

Favorite drink: Milk, she would drink a whole gallon in one day if I'd let her. Good thing my boys don't drink milk, she goes through 2 gallons in one week.

Favorite thing to do: Play outside and bug her brothers

Favorite snack: cookies

Favorite item: Her Dora blanket, she now has two.

And some of her favorite faces....


Eric and Jenny said...

Oh Sierra she's such a cutie a love her funny little faces!

Thiago & Teri said...

Love how much she loves Dora. So funny how little ones get their obssessions. Can't believe your girl is turning two. Time flies!

The Felds said...

I can't wait to make her cupcake bites! They will be just as darling as they are in pictures! You will love them, and I bet she will too!