Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ice Cream Party

We celebrated Lexi's party today. We did an Ice Cream party theme.

And this little girl is officially TWO with attitude and ALL.

We had all the toppings you could imagine...Bubble gum, sprinkles, chocolate chips, coconut, oreos, snickers, m&m's, nuts, candied almonds, fudge, caramel and cherries. And I ordered Yvonne's ymmy cake bites and they were quite the hit. I only ended up with like 5, thank heavens because I am sugared out.

And her gifts that she wanted to open everytime someone walked in. Not sure who was more excited my Mom or Lexi.

She made out like a bandit with Dora galore. She got a beach chair, 2 Dora out fits and 2 other outfits, Dora jammies, 2 Dora dolls, bubbles, Dora phones, Dora life jacket, Dora book, baby diaper bag with 2 bottles, bowl and spoon, play doh, potato head and a stuffed rabbit. She is ONE SPOILED GIRL.

And I am laughing at this picture...Kasen was like "Haha, I took over the chair!!"

Thanks to all that came!

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Sunset Stanley said...

Her party was SO cute! You did such a great job.