Saturday, May 14, 2011


Notice anything missing? OH, I do and I am still crying about it. I have never lost anything really important in my life or I guess I meant misplaced. But now I am not sure who I am....well I know who I am, but I have no way of proving that to anyone else.

But let me begin by saying this week has been so stressful. Work is crazy, I boxed up 200 boxes of file in 3 days. My Husband is working 14-16 hr days and some longer ones. My kids have been naughty and I feel like I have no control over them.

I took the day off yesterday for Lexi's Birthday with all intentions of having a great and relaxing day right....WRONG! Ashton woke up at 4am because he had an accident, Lex woke up at 5am because her ears and finally at 5:30am, I GAVE UP!!! So I got in the shower, fed the kids breakfast, vaccumed my house, did laundry and took Jax to school. Lexi was ornery, she wanted no one to look at her or say anything to her, so I gave up on having a good day.

After dropping Jax off we headed home, I had a guy coming to pick something up that I had sold on KSL. He came and I took the check to cash it. Ashton decided that running around the bank with a dang bouncy ball was the best thing and that right there set my mood for the day. I then get the kids in the car and realized I left my keys in the bank (I think this was my sign to GO HOME!!!!). So I run back in and the whole time I am thinking about that law they just passed about leaving kids in the car right, I wasn't even gone a minute, but I knew I was WRONG!!!

So then I go to lunch with my Mom and Lex won't eat, she just wants to drink, she has apple juice and one of McDonalds new Strawberry lemonade freezes. Thats all she has. She then wants to take her nuggets with her. So I put them in her box, but she wants to carry it out. Well She adds other things to her box and everything pours out. LOVELY right? She has another meltdown and we are on our way. I was suppose to meet Yvonne at noon to get cupcake bites for Lexi's party, well I needed to run to Target and didn't want to leave them in there. So I am running late. I HATE being late, it bugs me badly. So we decide we'll meet up after her lunch and after I get Jax from school. So I drive to America First in Layton with all 3 kids by myself and I take them in. Thankfully Yvonne carries my cupcake bites out for me, but I have a daughter fighting me to get in her seat and two kids that won't buckle. I put my wallet on top of the car (I am still shaking my head over this), talk to Yvonne some and then leave not knowing anything.

So Bob gets home and I decide I need to cool down and there is some stuff I have been wanting to get Lex from Carters, so I drive down there. Get all my stuff, spend an hour walking around the store and get to the cashier and guess what....NO WALLET! I am frantic, at this time I have no clue what I had done with it. But I am driving and call BOb and he is looking around the house and DING, HELLO SIERRA, YOU PUT IT ON THE ROOF WHEN YOU WERE IN LAYTON! It was seriously like someone told me that. I pull over clinging to a little piece of hope that maybe its still there, I do have a roof rack right. NOPE, its not! I call my Mom to head to America First while I am getting on the freeway to. My Mom calls and NOTHING, I am a bawling mess, how could I be so stupid? How could I do something like that? I was so angry with myself and still am? I retrace my way that I took home and so does my Mom and NOTHING. I get home and cancel EVERYTHING, you just can't take chances in this world. I have called and made police reports in Roy and Layton, but the fact is that I will never see the $200.00 I had in my wallet ever again. I am sick! I DIDN'T sleep one hour last night.

I think I have the worlds worst luck, I can't win. Just when I feel like things are going good, life throws me a curve ball. But this morning I talked to a very nice police officer from Roy and he advised me what I need to do and I feel a little bit more hopeful, not I just need to figure out WHEN I can do it all.

And I am still clinging to hope that someone honest picked it up and will return it to me. There has to be someone nice out there somewhere right? I would return someones wallet, as a matter of fact, I have, so I think someone should return the deed.

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Eric and Jenny said...

Oh no that's just awful but honestly dear I think we have all done things just as stupid. Don't be to hard on yourself. I infact have done that exact thing. I was getting gas put my wallet on top of my car and drove off. This was in KY at the time and the gas station was right outside our subdivision. A lady saw if fall off my car, picked it up and followed me home to return it. So you just never know it may turn up, I do hope whoever finds it, turns out to be an honest soul. Sorry Lex's birthday was less than perfect, it's so frusterating when everything just goes wrong like that.