Monday, August 30, 2010

My Salsa Recipe

Honestly, you can do anything you would like with salsa, last year I did two different recipes from my neighbor, this year I did one of hers and made up another.

So the first one is:

Like El Matadors Salsa

8 qrts of tomatoes
2 cups of vineagar
2 table spoons of salt (this isn't right, I go off of how I feel when I taste it, everyone is different on salt.)
6 carrots
2 onions
6 stems of celery
2 garlics (again go off of how you feel, I like more garlic for flavoring)
5 jalepenos (but go off of how spicy you like it)
6 anaheims
8 bell peppers
1 tbsp of white pepper

Again, all the peppers are based on how you feel, I like a lot of peppers, more flavor I think. So you cook all your tomatoes in a pot and bring them to a boil, peel off the skin and then mush them up, you can use a blender or your hands, I use my hands because a blender makes it too watery. Then mix everything together, I chop my onions, garlic and peppers in my chopper. Cook for 2 hrs and then bottle them and process for 45 minutes and your done.

My second recipe:

16 Quarts of tomatoes
14 Jalepenos
3 onions
3 garlic
2 cups of vinegar
12 anaheims
14 green bell peppers
2 chilies
3 yellow bell peppers
2 tbsps white pepper
2 tbsps of salt (again whatever you prefer)

Again you can mix as many of anything as you would like. I know I had more tomatoes than 16 quarts, but it doesn't taste too tomatoey. I love the second recipe better than the first this time. Its not too spicy, just perfect. Again boil for 2 hrs and process for 45 mins.

I love salsa and this is how I do it cheap. I recycle my jars, throw them in the dishwasher and put them up until next year. When I bought all my jars and processor last year, I maybe spent $75.00 all together. Got my processor at walmart for super cheap, used coupons to buy my jars and watched for sales. This year I PICKED my tomatoes and peppers from Days Farms on Gentile in Layton for $10.00 a box, I got 3 boxes of tomatoes and peppers for $34.00. I already had salt, I picked up onions for super cheap at the store and garlic 3 for $1.00. I am telling you its worth every penny and minute. Also, if you don't like to do it alone which I don't suggest you do, team up with a family member, I canned with my Mom and Grandma this year and it was super easy, split the cost. Now we have salsa for a year and I love it!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Salsa, Salsa, Salsa

Peppers, peppers and more peppers

Our pot of Salsa, love it!!

Salsa processing

51 jars in total. This is what I did Friday and Saturday. This is my favorite time of the year. I love canning! Last year I canned, Apricot Jam, Peach Jam, Peaches, Salsa, spaghetti sauce and stewed tomatoes. This year I have only done salsa and plan to do Strawberry Jam and peaches next weekend.

On the go....

She will not step on the cracks, so she steps over them, its hilarious!!!

My baby girl is on the go, she never stops, she is busy busy!!! I love her in purple and with pigs.

Back to school night for Preschool!

I debated and debated and debated on putting Ashton in Preschool, I know he needs it badly, but I was afraid that we may have waited too long. Luckily I got a hold of Jaxons preschool teacher and she had enough room for Asthon. YAY!! I trust this lady 100% and am so happy she could get Ashton in. He will start on September 7th and he is totally ready. So on Thursday we had back to school night there so he could meet her and the kids in his class. At first he was really clingy, but he warmed up quickly. I am excited for him, I think it will be a good chance for him to experience the real world before Kindergarten next year.

Boys and their toys!!!

My life has been a little chaotic lately and I am hoping that one day it will calm down, but I am not seeing it. This was from a couple weekends ago when Jax went 4 wheeling with my parents and Ash stayed with us. This is Bob's $100.00 truck that Ashton cut himself on, Bob is remodeling it and Ashton is in love with helping out.

Monday, August 23, 2010

My big First Grader

Well now that we have new shoes, new shirts, new pants and new socks/underwear. Plus a new backpack, lunch bag and school supplies. Its time for school. I can't believe it, my first born baby is starting 1st grade, its school all day now for the next 11 years.

My little stud machine, he is so tall, I can't believe it!

And brother and sister were excited for him.

And he was excited himself...

The kid in front of Jax was in 6th grade and Jax was a couple of inches taller than him. My poor Jax is huge!

And then it was good-bye and thats when the tears came. I hate that I have to send my baby into the real world. Its time for him to grow up and I am not liking that. I hate that he doesn't depend on me for everything in life anymore. But I love watching him learn and discover new things in life. He has grown so much and become this amazing little boy. Jax, Happy first day of 1st grade! Love you love bug!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Park City

Arriving in Parky City, the boys could NOT wait to get there.

Ashton waiting in line to ride the lift

Us on the lift, I was more scared for this with my kids than anything, I am paranoid that one of them was gonna fall off.

Jax had to carry his sled the whole way over and the thing weighs twice as much as him.

We thought Jax would be able to ride with us, but he had to go alone because he is well over 48 inches.

Bob and Ash waiting in line to go down

Jax looking back at me, he was two ahead of me.

The hill Bob, Ash and Jax rode.

And there he goes. I was scared for him, because he was all alone going down.

And then Bob, Ash and I all went together and we caught up with Jax.

Jax and Bob on the coaster, I have no pics of Ash and I.

We had so much fun. We got up early, ran some errands and headed to Park City, went shopping and got some GREAT deals, I love the outlets. I have no pictures of us there....dang it!! The boys hated the shopping, but I told them they were in for a treat when we got done. We then headed to lunch and then over to the slides. Ashton giggled the whole way down the coaster, I thought for sure he would be scared, nope, he wasn't. He loved it and Jax wasn't sure at firt, but ended up getting off and asking if we could go again. We will definately be back.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

15 months

Its hard to believe every month that passes by, Lexi just grows older and older. She changes everyday and is always up to something.

Things about Lexi:

*She has an attitude, its her way or no way and she sticks to that.
*She barks at every animal like their a dog, we are working on this.
*She says "YUCK!", "Nigh nigh!" (for night night!), "Baby!", "Bye bye" and "I" (for hi!).
*She knows the difference between Mommy, Daddy, Jax and Ash.
*She loves her brother whole heartedly
*She loves babies and can spot them from a mile away.
*She hates shoes and socks, but these one pair of shoes I got her, she will wear all day.
*She loves purses and girly things, but will play trucks with her brothers and make the noises.
*She likes electronics, Surprise Surprise, what kid doesn't!
*She loves food, bananas are her favorite and she will eat them until their gone if I left her.
*She hates bath time still and screams, I am believing its because of her ears.
*She loves bedtime and nap time and I am breaking her from her morning nap right now (I know this may not sound right, but I would love more sleep in the morning.)
*She hasn't had a bottle since she turned one, she was the easiest of all my kids to break from a bottle.
*She is in to everything, takes out the DVDs, unfolds my clean clothes, gets into her dresser and takes her clothes out, gets into the cabinets, climbs on things and everything else you can think of.
*She has no fear, I thought for sure she would scream going on the rides at Roy Days, nope she didn't have an ounce of fear in her.
*She tries to walk down the stairs and I have to tell her atleast 3 times a day, that she can't do that yet.
*She still loves milk and this makes me happy, because my boys hate it.
*She is loveable when she wants to be, otherwise you won't get a hug or kiss out of her.
*She will do things when asked, like "grab the blankie" or "get your toy!"

There are so many things I know I am forgetting! But I think I got a good portion. Lexi seriously completes our family, we love her and she just fits right in. Happy 15 months baby!

P.S. I will have stats on Tuesday at her check up!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Positive thoughts

I haven't said anything about what is going on, because I guess I am still in shock myself. But I feel for Jax that I need to write down my thoughts about everything that has happened. So here we go...
Jax goes to the doc every month, the poor kid has been through a lot and out of all of our kids has understood the most. He struggled over the last year to find himself, he had Bob and I worried sick and since March has made a complete 180. Jax has the biggest heart and he never gives up, but at times he keeps his emotions bottled up and lets loose all at once. So in May, his doctor discovered that Jax heart didn't sound good. This was news to me, I was sure Jax heart was perfect and had nothing wrong with it. But out of my 3 kids, Jax was the only one not to have a fetal echo at 24 weeks. And honestly this didn't cross my mind until today. So his doctor didn't want to do anything just yet and then last week Jax went in again and this time he dropped 6lbs, its a lot for a growing 6 year old. Jax eats good, he never stops eating and he isn't gaining weight at all. SO...I leave after being at the doc office and nothing was said about his heart. So I feel pretty good that everything is okay...WELL, I was wrong. I got a phone call from his doc later that night and he leaves me a message saying he forgot to tell me he wanted to run some tests on Jax. Tests!!! I was thinking like learning tests or hearing tests or other tests, I never once thought tests on his heart ever. So on Monday morning at 8am, my phone rings and its him, he advises me that he has a sick feeling that we should do tests on Jax heart or he will regret it if we don't. My heart immediately dropped to my knees. Jax has always been healthy, he never gets sick, he has an immune system that I wish all my kids had. But with him losing weight and the doctor hearing a major heart murmur he felt it was only right to run some tests. So off to Primary Childrens we went today, I got the phone call Monday and they got us in today, I was amazed, then I found out we weren't meeting with the doc and knew thats why we got in so fast. But I am upset that I have to wait, I hate the waiting game and I am a little suspicious about everything. And the reasons for my suspisions on because they came in about 5 more times after they were done to get another shot of his heart. But I am confident that we are in good hands and that the right decision, if any will be made once again. I know part of the worry is because of Bobs condition and how serious it was, so I am thankful that we are getting this out of the way. But I was bummed because I just paid Primary Childrens off and we are back there racking up the bill once again.
But tomorrow, the boys, Bob and I are headed to Park City to play and shop and I can't wait...we have waited so long for this and finally its here.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Roy Parade

We went to the Roy Parade today, I have to say that I think Roy has the best parade ever. It was 2 full hours long and we came home with 2 grocery bags full of candy and more. We had so much fun even if the guy next to us was mocking everything that the announcer said or anybody who came by. And it was perfect weather, not hot at all!