Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthday Week

I decided that instead of one overwhelming day of a birthday, I am doing Birthday weeks.

My baby girl is turning 2 on Friday, I am way sad honestly, but happy to see how much she has grown. She is everything I dreamed of and more. She fills a place in my heart I never knew existed. She is full of life, adventerous, indepedent, cute, full of spunk and sassy. Its amazing how much one two year old can do and she is so different from my boys. She can destroy a room in 0.2 seconds, no joke.

So my reason for this post. I let her open her gifts from us on Saturday, I wanted to see her face when she opened our gifts and capture the moment. She was hilarious!

I think she was shock for a minute that I was letting her open her gift. She stared at me for like 10 mins before she finally pulled stuff out.

I loved her expressions. She said "Mommy, I love Dora!" and "Mama, Dora shirt...awwww!!!!"

Her stash. She got from us, a Dora shirt, shorts, Dora bowl, plate and snack box, Dora DVD, Dora Blanket, Dora case with lip stuff, Dora panties and a magnetic doll with clothes. I debated on what to get her. She has a bike, a tricycle and outdoor stuff. I tried to find a helmet, but their all huge. Then I wanted to get her a Dora couch and well they had none left.

Stay tuned, there is more Birthday fun....Its only beginning!!

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Eric and Jenny said...

I can't believe she is gonna be two, that is crazy! Seems like you were just barely having her.

Looks like she is set in the Dora department, so cute. Have a wonderful week celebrating, I think birthday week is a great idea. It's way too hard to fit everything fun into one day. It just ends up being a sressful mess!