Sunday, December 30, 2012

We made it

Well we made it in to Texas yesterday around 5pm. We are still exhausted and trying to recover.

We left utah at 5:05am on Friday and hit some pretty bad weather for about the first four hours of driving. We arrived in Albuquerque around 7pm where we called it a night. We woke up at 4:30am the next morning and hit village inn for breakfast. Then we got back on the road and made pretty good timing. This was a long drive and I don't want to do it for along time.

Saying goodbye to my family was so hard. I said goodbye to my parents on Thursday and that's when it hit me that I was moving. Ashton cried the whole night and Lexi asked Ash and I what we were whining about. She really has no clue what is happening and I think it will hit her when she goes to daycare on January 9th and not Grandma's. Friday I said goodbye to my sister and that was just as hard. My sister is my best friend and if she reads this I want her to know that nothing is going to change. We'll still be best friends and nothing will change our relationship, not even 1,300 miles.

We got to see our house and we love it. We just can't wait to own our own home.

We have a pretty busy week ahead of us and hopefully I'll have pictures next weekend for you!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

I woke up bright and early, stayed in bed until about 5am when I got up and went downstairs.  Sad in the living room while in glowed and I stared at the Christmas gifts.  This is our last Christmas in this house.  The place I've called home for the last 5 years.  There was just something about getting up early and taking it all in that I needed.  Something told me that everything is going to be OKAY.  I feel good about this all.

We didn't have a big Christmas at ALL this year.  We went with the SOMETHING you need, SOMETHING you want, SOMETHING to read and SOMETHING to wear.

Around 5:30am I woke up Jax, I knew if I got him up, he would get everyone else up.  And what do you know, within minutes, EVERYONE was up and going.  The look on my kids faces was PRICELESS, nothing will ever replace these years and the memories will make forever.

Don't you love my RAG-A-MUFFIN, she is darling with at 5am...LOL

Santa brought Lexi a Innotab 2 and Mommy and Daddy got her a case for the Innotab, jammies, a purse and a game for her Innotab.

Santa brought Jaxon an Ipod Touch and Mommy and Daddy got him a case, headphones, jammies, a screen protector and a shirt.

Santa brought Ashton an Ipod Touch and Mommy and Daddy got him a case, headphones, jammies, a screen protector and a shirt.

Then it was off to Aunt Miranda and Uncle Justin's.

Miranda and Justin got Jaxon a lifesaver, a army hummer, clothes and some money for our move to Texas.

Miranda and Justin got Ashton a lifesaver, an army truck, clothes and some money for our move to Texas.

Miranda and Justin got Lexi 3 Barbie's, a Barbie jeep, clothes and some money for our move to Texas.
Then it was off to Grandma and Grandpa's.

Grandma and Grandpa got Lex 2 Innotab games, jammies and 2 outfits.  Nanny got Lex some panties, socks and books.  Joy got Lex a Princess book CD player thing.

Grandma and Grandpa got Jaxon a $25.00 ITunes giftcard, clothes and jammies.  Nanny got Jaxon some books, doodle pad thing, socks and underwear.  And Aunt Joy got them remote control cars.

Grandma and Grandpa got Ashton a $25.00 ITunes giftcard, clothes and jammies.  Nanny got Ashton some books, a world map, socks and underwear.

This Christmas was perfect.  Nothing else matters but the people I'm surrounded by. 
I did get a surprise gift, my Sister Miranda got me a charm bracelet that is beautiful.

I absolutely love it and I'll cherish it forever and ever!!

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve was pretty low key.  Both Bob and I had to work since we switched our days to later this week to move. 

Utah had a pretty good snow storm move in and it was nice and perfect for Christmas day.  I love snow on Christmas, but after that it needs to be GONE.

We had a quiet house to ourselves, which hasn't happened lately since the girl who is renting my house has moved in with her kids, so things have been quite chaotic and not quiet. 

I let the kids open jammies at 5pm and then I put mine on and kicked it in front of the TV. 

I sent Bob to get cookies to MAKE for the kids and he came home with already packaged cookies.  Well I wasn't about to return them, because I didn't really have the energy to make any anyways, but it was quite hilarious!

Ashton was so ready for bed at 6pm, I told him he had to atleast wait until 7pm for bed.  It was hard for him. 

All my kids were in bed and asleep by 8pm and I sat and relaxed and it was so nice to have that time to myself.

Christmas Eve Jammies are tradition, Jax wasn't too thrilled about it, but hey its not going away anytime soon.  And when you are 20 years old, you'll still get Christmas Eve Jammies.
And then SANTA came...