Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Jaxon

Dear Jaxon,

There is something about the bond between a Mother and her first child. I can't explain it to you, but one day I hope you understand.

I can't believe you are 7 years old, it seems like yesterday I was a brand new Mom worried about all the small things when the world was so much bigger. But I have watched you grow up to this very intelligent boy and how I only want the best for you. I love watching you grow, but I hate that it seems to go by so fast. One day you were this sweet little two year old and today you are this seven year old who acts like a teenager.

I love every minute of being your Mom, the good times and the bad. Sometimes I know you think I am harder on you, but its because I want the best for you and I want you to set the best example for your 2 younger siblings. My love for you is no less and explaining how much I love you is impossible.

Happy 7th Birthday Jaxon!

Your Mommy

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jaxon's Favorites at Seven

Tomorrow my bud turns seven, its hard to believe. I wish I could freeze time right now, but I can't.

So Jaxon's Favorites:

Favorite Color: Blue and Orange

Favorite sport: Basketball

Favorite TV Show: Total Drama Island

Favorite Food: Broccoli

Favorite Snack: Trail mix

Favorite thing to do: Ride his bike and camping

Favorite Animal: Tiger

Best Friend: Casen at school

Now some things about Jaxon:

*He weighs 58lbs

*He has a very caring heart

*He has NO patients, he doesn't like when things don't work or go his way and he wants everything done at the moment.

*He worries about everything, always has questions to why something happened.

*He would live outside 24/7 if I'd let him.

*He loves to run around naked, I am trying to end this ASAP.

I love this kid, he is who made me a Mom and I am so thankful for everyday.

Our entertainment...

This kid, he is quite humerous, always making us laugh.

Here is proof...I let him outside for not even 5 mins while the rain stops and look out the window and he is in a puddle, he crashed his bike into a puddle, but was laughing hysterically.

Outside fun...

Yesterday was perfect up until about 5 and then it was freezing. We played outside all day, I even got a tan....woo hoo!!!

Ashton attempted to make things with chalk and Lexi scribbled through it all.

Jaxon tried to fly a kite all day and I tried to explain to him that it needed to be windy, but he was trying to prove me wrong.

He tried everything running back forth about 500 times, but could never get it higher than 10 feet. At one point he sat down and screamed "STUPID KITE", I then tried to explain to him that it wasn't the kite, but again, there was no wind.

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike chalk, well I do, I hate the feel of it, the mess and really I don't like it on the sidewalks. But hey, it entertained the kids for quite a while.

Finally Jax gave up on the kite and skateboarded, but he didn't like that and was still advising me that the kite was dumb. OH BOY!!!

I am really dreading today, its horrible, I really dislike this weather and I am really ready for summer weather. I am a little scared of what is to come though with all this flooding, its scary! Everytime I drive by the weber river, it gets higher and higher and higher.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blowing Bubbles...

I normally hate bubbles, but Jax and Lex got them for their birthdays and so, we took advantage of them. I just hate the mess, I know I am weird.

Lexi was funny, she would pop on the ones of the ground with her feet, it was quite humerous to watch her.

And then we had a little girl by the name of Lexi start eating the bubbles...sounds yummy huh...NOPE!!!

And then big brother decided to join us, his skateboards were more important at first.

And then the bubble eating started and the girly fits and MOMMY called it QUITS!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Jaxon's Birthday Dinner

My first born is turning 7 years old....sad!!

His only request was for the fried ice cream from Garcia's and well his request was fulfilled.

Before we left...

The 7 year old smile...yup, its that good!!!

Lexi proudly annoucing before entering that she was done....OH YES, she was done! Two year old and restaurant don't go together.

From Grandma he got swim shorts, plaid shorts and a tank top.

From Jim, Deanne, Tyler and Kaylee a water nerf gun.

From Phil, Lindsey, Jase and Kase, a kite, bubbles, bubble blowers and chalk.

From Kay and Dave, a nerf gun and more chalk.

From Nanny and Joy, a hot wheels car set, skateboards and more skateboards

Friends forever.

And a Happy Birthday from Garcia's

His one and only request served....and he loved it!!

And he loved every bit of with his friends.

His stash...Thanks to everyone who came.

His gift from us is coming next Friday, its a pretty big surprise...stay tuned!!!