Friday, May 30, 2014

Jaxon turns TEN

Favorite Food:  Mexican food

Favorite color:  Purple

Favorite thing to do:  Play on my phone

Favorite Person:  I don't have a favorite

Favorite drink:  V8

Favorite Snack:  Cookie Pie

Favorie Movie:  Goonies

Favorite toy:  Trampoline

Favorite fruit:  Pineapple

Favorite outfit:  Don't have one

Favorite place to eat:  Garcia's

Favorite Animal:  Daisy

Best Friend:  Josh

Favorite Cereal:  Don't have one

Favorite Song: Why have I never cared

What I want to be when I grow up:  Pilot

Size Clothes: 12 pants and shorts / Large in shirts

Shoe size: 5

Other things:

*He loves water, anything to do with water

*He is very very intelligent

*Very stubborn

*He would rather be outside than inside

Can't believe his 10

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Leaving Texas, May 10th

I was honestly ready to go home.  I missed Bob, Jaxon and Ashton like crazy.  I was gone for 5 days, but it really felt like 2 weeks.  We had a 4pm flight.  I honestly can't believe how smooth things went for the flights.  Everything was perfect.  If Frontier Airlines didn't charge a fortune for their bags, I'd fly them all the time, but they do and that sucks.

We got to the airport a little early, but I'm a early to arrive person.  So I was happy with being early.  Lex and I browsed some stores, got Starbucks and relaxed until our flight came.

Our flight to Denver was very interesting to say the least.  I caught Lexi rubbing the guys arm next to her in the picture above.  And decided that on the way to Utah, she was sitting by the window, so there would be no arm rubbing.  She is quite the entertaining child to say the least.

I was so happy to arrive in Utah, but not happy about the freezing weather.

Last full day in Texas, May 9th, 2014

This day was a fun day.  We made plans to head to the Fort Worth Zoo, but so did every one else in Texas.  That didn't work, so we set a plan B.  We told Lex she could choose between Sealife or LEGOLAND.  Well LEGOLAND won and that's where we went.

She had a blast!

Day 3 in Texas, May 8th

This day was very long and boring.  The weather was nasty and there were tornado warnings everywhere.  We didn't have anything planned and it was just a kick back day.

By this day I was honestly ready to head home.  I was missing my boys bad.  I will never go on vacation with out my Husband or boys again.

Brandi & Brian Wedding

Brandi and I have been friends for a long time.  She is more like a sister to me.  I wouldn't have missed her getting married for the world and I felt honored when she asked me to be in her line. 

This day was a long awaited day for Brandi.  I knew the stress she had gone through to get to this day.  Many times I listened to her vent or cry when she felt things weren't going right.  I would remind her that in the end she would look back and realize the only things that would matter is being able to marry the love of her life.

The day was perfect.  Yes there were a few minor issues, but nothing that we couldn't handle.  I loved every minute of being there.  I'm so happy that Brandi has Brian and Brian has Brandi, they complete each other.

Congrats my friends, sure do love you guys!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First Day in Texas

We got in super late to Texas.  Didn't get home until close midnight and I was exhausted after a full day of flying.

Had to be up and ready early this day, had a rehearsal to attend.

The whole reason for this trip was for my very good friend Brandi's wedding.

After rehearsal, we went to the Arlington National Cemetery.  It was quite an eye opener.  I can't believe how many people are buried in this cemetery.  So many people from World War II, Korean War and the current war are buried in this place.  When we were driving through, there were two funerals taking place.  Made me teary eyed knowing all the Men and Women that have sacrificed so much for my freedom. 

Its also the place my Grandparents want to be buried.  My Grandpa is a Veteran, served faithfully in the Air Force.  I couldn't think of having to go back there for their funeral, it hurts too much to think about that. 

Lexi didn't really understand why we were there, but I'm glad that she was with me.

Surprise Trip

Lexi knew I was going to Texas, but she has not a single clue she was joining me.  So we left on Monday the 5th, picked Lex up a little after 1pm.  She thought she was just going to drop Mommy off.  Little did she know.

She fell asleep about 10 mins from being at the airport.  The plan was to arrive and then have the truck open and hand her her backpack, the plan worked well, but she was still half asleep to realize what her Dad had told her.  So I said "Lex, you're going to Texas with Mommy!" and her face lit up.  From there on out, she was wide awake.

We got checked in and through security just fine and the anticipation was killing Lexi as she was so excited now. 

We got on the plane about 45 minutes before our flight took off.  She had a permanent smile on her face.  I was worried about her ears, but my worrying was for NOTHING.  She did amazing.

We had a layover in Denver and then we headed to DFW.  When we were landing in DFW, she fell asleep.  But quickly woke up upon arrival.  She was so excited to see two of the people she has missed terribly.  Grandpa and Bonnie.

Dear Lexi,

Another year has come and gone.  This last year I've watched you go from a little toddler to a little girl.  Sometimes it brings a tear to my eye to see how fast you are growing up.  You have taught me so many things from even before you were born.  You are my baby, the last of my three amazing kids.  Although I only carried you for 8 months, I try to never forget what it was like to have you in my tummy.  From the time you were born you were a fighter.  Going through about 4 IV's in the first week of your life.  Proving doctors wrong and beating all the odds.  You have been through more in your five years of life than I have in my 30. 
I truly believe God sent you to us for a reason, I believe without a doubt that you are what saved your Dad when he was sick.
I know you are a Daddy's Girl and for some time I struggled with that.  But the look on your face when you are with Daddy is priceless.  Daddy has won you over.  He can't say NO to you, he thinks you walk on water. 
I love that you love pink and purple, but also have a love for ninja turtles and Captain America.  I love that you are braver than I ever thought you would be.  I love that you can light up a whole room in a matter of a minute.  Your personality is out of this world and I hope it never changes.

I can't wait to see what the years bring us.  I'm excited to watch you grow up into a mature women.  You are the light of our lives.  Happy 5th Birthday Princess!

Love, Mommy

Monday, May 12, 2014

Lex is turning.....FIVE

Favorite Food:  Cheese (still is and always has been)

Favorite color:  Pink and Purple and blue

Favorite thing to do:  play outside

Favorite Person:  RANDA

Favorite drink:  Apple Juice

Favorite Snack:  Fruit snacks

Favorie Movie:  Frozen

Favorite toy: Baby dolls

Favorite fruit:  Bananas

Favorite outfit:  pink and black with white stripes outfit (have no clue what this is)

Favorite place to eat:  Pizza Pie cafe

Favorite Animal:  Cat (interesting)

Best Friend:  Brianna

Favorite Cereal:  Lucky Charms

Favorite Song: Pontoon

What I want to be when I grow up:  A hairstylist (that's scary!)

Size Clothes: 6-6X

Shoe size: 11.5, almost 12

Other things:

*She loves Ninja Turtles

*She has the biggest personality I've ever seen

*She is my pickiest eater BY FAR

*She prefers being outside over being inside

*She has grown tall wise so much in the last year

*She could eat mac n' cheese everyday or quesadillas

*She talks like she is 10

*She loves Jesus and could teach a few people quite a bit of things about the Bible

*She is very outspoken, its kind of scary

*She makes friends with EVERYONE, another scary thing.

We love her so much and can't imagine our lives without her, even though she is my most stubborn child, she fits right in.