Sunday, May 29, 2011

Outside fun...

Yesterday was perfect up until about 5 and then it was freezing. We played outside all day, I even got a tan....woo hoo!!!

Ashton attempted to make things with chalk and Lexi scribbled through it all.

Jaxon tried to fly a kite all day and I tried to explain to him that it needed to be windy, but he was trying to prove me wrong.

He tried everything running back forth about 500 times, but could never get it higher than 10 feet. At one point he sat down and screamed "STUPID KITE", I then tried to explain to him that it wasn't the kite, but again, there was no wind.

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike chalk, well I do, I hate the feel of it, the mess and really I don't like it on the sidewalks. But hey, it entertained the kids for quite a while.

Finally Jax gave up on the kite and skateboarded, but he didn't like that and was still advising me that the kite was dumb. OH BOY!!!

I am really dreading today, its horrible, I really dislike this weather and I am really ready for summer weather. I am a little scared of what is to come though with all this flooding, its scary! Everytime I drive by the weber river, it gets higher and higher and higher.

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Eric and Jenny said...

I hate sidewalk chalk too, it's so annoying. Every time my kids get some for birthdays or whatever I tell myself I will be easygoing and let them have their fun. Then I change my mind within days and the chalk magically dissapears!

I hear you on this crazy flood weather. The Logan River is right behind our house, our neigborhood is a worried mess right now!