Saturday, June 28, 2008


So last night I went to see the most gorgeous guy on earth....thats right...TIM MCGRAW!!! Not only is he freakin gorgeous in a photo, but oh my hell, he is steamin hot in person. My good friend Chas and I had bought our tickets clear back in March and have been waiting forever to go. We had really really really good seats, I was really happy with them. We made it a girls night, left the guys and kids at home and headed out to dinner and the concert.

I realized when Iwas downloading these pictures that there are none of us....OOPS!!! Thats okay!!!

We also seen Highway to Hazard (never heard of them until last night, they were good) and Jason Aldean, he was pretty good and cute himself.

There was also this guy that looked exactly and I mean exactly like Tim, but he wasn't. All the girls were running up to this guy while with his wife and two girls trying to get pictures with him. I took a picture because I couldn't believe how much he looked like him.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

How you feeling...HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

WOW!!! We have had quite an eventful weekend...

Friday I was off work because of Ashton, I spent the day making sure he was okay and praying that his eye didn't get bigger. Well it hasn't gotten bigger, but the cyst hasn't gone down, the infection has and I am thankful for that. But now we have to get the cyst surgically removed, it breaks my hear to even think about it, but I am keeping my spirits up, because I know Ashton will need me to be strong.

On Friday we went and bought a pool for the boys since the last one we got ripped. The boys both LOVE the water, even though Asthon was sure about going in it with his brother.

Saturday, I had to take Jaxon to the doctor because he got an infection from his shot (I know, I am keeping the hospital in business). He is doing good, just on Benadryl every 6 hours. I also went and helped my sister with her bows she makes. After that, we went and got pizza at the CIRCLE INN...if you haven't been, I highly suggest you go, its so YUMMY!!!!

Sunday, we went to my good friends daughters Birthday at the SPLASH PAD on base, it was a ton of fun and the kids really got a kick out of it. Happy Birthday Kaylee!!!

With the weather being so hot now, we will probably spend a lot of time in the pool outside and at the new splash pad in Ogden.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Terrible twos and four year old tantrums...

I am not sure my title fits this whole blog right, but I couldn't think of anything better. I have been told most of my life that the 2's are the worst age and thats why they call it the terrible twos. So I totally disagree, Jaxon was so good when he was two other than the fact that he couldn't quite accept his brother being a part of the family. I never had any problems with him, he was sweet, loving, caring, always helped with everything and hardly cryed. So three comes and all my worst fears come, Jaxon has turned into this totally different kid, the last year has been like a roller coaster ride, he has such a bad attitude and he back talks all the time. He doesn't like to clean his room, he loves to make messes and doesn't listen to anything Bob and I say. So I wondered what 4 would be like, I keep asking me self if it is going to get better, I can't imagine it getting worse and I cannot understand why he acts the way he does. This is a normal arguement with Jaxon....

Mom/Dad: Jaxon, you need to get your clothes downstairs

Jaxon: No, I don't want to

Mom/Dad: Okay, well you will not be watching your TV (its not always the TV, we have taken away toys and he just finds his brothers and plays with them)

Jaxon: Thats mean, you can take my clothes downstairs, thats your job

I, at this point have to walk away, I sometimes ask why I am arguing with a three or four year old.

Then in the same hour he can be the sweetest kid on the face of the earth, he will help without even asking. So I think to myself, "is it because I ask that he doesn't want to do?" I just can't figure it out. I have been off work today taking care of Ash and Jaxon has been a complete terror today. He doesn't want to clean his room, he doesn't want to get dressed, he doesn't want to pick up the paper that he shredded all over his room and he doesn't want to listen to anything I ask him to do. Jaxon has also decided that he is no longer going to go to the bathroom in the house, it is either outside in the grass or in our garage. Bob has washed the garage three times this week because of him. I guess its rough being four!!!???

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cellulitis or Cyst....

Well as you might be able to tell, its been another crazy week, I am just calling it a crazy month. A couple of weeks ago Ashton looked like he had a black eye, I didn't think anything of it, he is a boy and they get black eyes and bruises all the time.

So this eye has gotten pretty bad over the last week, so I was thinking allergies, okay I can handle that with medication. So I was told when calling up to the pediatrician to give him benadryl and watch him, we tried that for 2 days and nothing change. So I called back up Tuesday morning and they said to try Childrens Zyrtec, so we tried that and nothing happened. Meanwhile all this is going on, I am getting about one to two hours of sleep a night, he is waking up every single night screaming and crying that he hurts. I hate this, you never know when its really time to go to the doctors.

So the "REAL" fun began last night or lets say early this morning, Ashton woke up around midnight and was screaming again, I went in his room to once again calm him down and he wanted nothing or nobody. This really upset me and when I looked at his eye once he stopped crying it was completely shut and really bad looking. After debating for two hours I decided it was time to go to the doctor and made my trip to the ER at 3am this morning. I hate watching my child be in pain and wonder it can't be me instead, I bawled the entire way to the ER and decided to be strong when I walked in. The doctor diagnosed Asthon with Cellulitis and gave him a shot of penicilin and we were on our way 2 and a half hours later. Ashton already had an appointment with his pediatrician to get his 2 year old shots, so they wanted me to keep his appointment and see what Dr. Hom wanted to do.

So we go to his appointment at 3pm and yes I still haven't gone back to bed from being up last night at midnight. Dr. Hom says he doesn't know if it is quite cellulitis and thinks that it is a cyst and its just getting bigger. He puts him on an antibiotic (which will fight the cellulitis if he has that) and says if its not cleared up in a week he will have to have surgery. My heart probably dropped to the floor, because Ashton has been through so much in his two years of life and I hate watching any child have to go through anything period. Please prayer that this just goes away with the antibiotic and that all will be well. I love you Ashton and Get Well BABY!!!!

The Pictures are in the order of how it started, the last one was taken this morning in the ER. He looks happy and most of the time he is, its when he is in bed that it hurts the most. POOR LIL GUY!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Bob and I just moved into our neighborhood in December, Christmas Eve to say exactly when. Ever since we have been here, we have been blessed with all great neighbors except one and we won't go there about him.

The guy two doors up from us would come and snow plow our drive way everytime we got dumped on, which was quite often. The guy didn't even really know us, but we appreciate it more than he'll ever know.

Last week when I was taking away in the ambulance (which is very embarrassing still to this day) the same people two houses up came and got my kids and waited for my sister to get there. The following day I received a phone call from the girl right next door to me and she asked if she could bring my family dinner and the same two houses up wanted to bring us dessert and a salad. I can't thank them enough, first of all I still had no energy to do anything. The lady next to us is from Brazil and she makes some of the best food ever and we loved it and our so thankful to have such great neighbors. I don't ever remember stuff like that happening when I grew up, especially with my Mom having MS, nobody did anything for us and I am proud to say that I live in a great Neighborhood and am so thankful for that.

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful Husband and my Dad, without you two I don't know where I would be. Bob, thanks for always taking care of me, even before we were married you showed me that no matter what you would always be there for me.

Dad, you have taught me so much and my Boys think the world of you! I am glad that you finally got boys that could look up to you even though I always have.

And to all the other Dad's out there, Happy Father's Day!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


This week started out crazy, Monday my Husband had to call 911 because I got heat exhaustion, I still think it is a little bit of heat exhaustion and stress from work. Work has been so stressful lately and I can barely stand it. I am doing better, I finally feel like myself today except I have bruises all over my arm (IV's). It was probably the scariest thing in my life and listening to my boys cry for their Mom was the hardest thing ever. I have had nightmares about it every night this week.

So now some good stuff, Ashton turned two yesterday, I can't believe it, we didn't do much since we celebrated two weeks ago. We went to McDonalds and ran some errands and came home and relaxed. Today the boys left to go camping with Grandpa and Grandma Peavy, they absolutely love camping, it was like going to Disneyland for Jaxon. Jax was ready to go at 6am this morning, it was the fastest I have ever seen Jaxon get ready. I am feeling a little weird not having them here, this only the second time they have both been away from me together and I have to find something to keep me occupied or I start missing them a lot =(.

Bob and I haven't been on a date for a long time together, we haven't done anything with just the two of us in so long. I guess thats what having kids does to you, so today we left for Park City and went an rode the Alpine Slide and Alpine Coaster, I loved the Alpine Coaster, it was sooooooooooo much fun. I have ridden on the Alpine Slide several times. After that we went and ate lunch and just got home. I am already starting to miss my boys so much, so I really need to find something to do. CLEAN!!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

My baby is turning TWO....

Ashton Lee Clemments

Okay, so I decided to post a little early about Ashton since I am working all week until the day of his Birthday which I am hoping to spend with him doing something fun. Ashton is the light of my life, he has such a different personality from his brother, but I love them being that way.

Asthon was born three weeks early on June 12th, 2006, his pregnancy was the hardest ever. I had problems the entire time I was pregnant with him and my doctor decided at my last appointment before I had him that he was going to take him early. He knew he was big and I was having problems with my incision. He scheduled me for June 15th, 2006, but on the 12th, which was a Monday and after the Hill Air Force Base Air Show, I started having major problems, it felt like someone was taking a knife and stabbing me over and over. I had done everything from taking a warm bath to trying to sleep and nothing seemed to work. I finally decided that after a day from HELL, I was going to call my doctor for suggestions, when I called him he said, don't do anything else, but get up to L&D and I will be right behind you. My Doctor is the best doctor ever (Dr. Housel) and he was seriously there 20 mins after me. I had just ate thinking that maybe I was hungary or something and that hadn't worked either and your NOT suppose to eat before you have a baby. OOPS!!!!! I didn't know he was coming that day. So of course, I was walked back to the OR at 9:45PM to start everything from my epidural and all that fun stuff. This time around was so much different and less stressful, I have to admit it was the easiest thing going into have a C-Section. At 10:48PM we welcomed Ashton Lee Clemments into this world, I didn't get to see him right off, because he was taken to NICU, that was probably the hardest thing ever, I did hear him cry though and I have to say that hearing a newborn baby cry is the best thing in a mother's eyes. Ashton weighted 9LBS 2OZ, had I gone full term with him he would have weighed over 13LBS. My pains I was having were because my incision from having Jaxon was ripping (VERY VERY PAINFUL) and my doctor said my incision was see through (HORRIBLE), had I waited another week I could have had a lot of problems.

Ashton has had his ups and downs in life, he spent a lot of time in the doctors the first year of his life. He had acid reflux really bad and had a hard time keeping things down. Just in March Bob and I had the scare of our lives when Ashton decided to swallow a cable holder and we ended up at Primary Children's. Knock on wood, we have made it almost two months with no doctor visists (world record for my family).

Ashton is learning to talk, he is so funny, he has picked up on things a lot lately, I love it!!! He can count to 5 and it cracks me up when he does.

Things that Ashton Loves:

His Mommy (he is a big time Momma's boy)
Being outside
His brothers toys
His Grandma
Sadie (our dog)
Riding toys
Hanging out with Dad
The park
Sticking to a schedule (Ash has been on the same schedule since he was born, of course he goes to bed later now)
Mommy's Cell Phone
The TV Remote
Giving Kisses to everyone

I love Ashton so much and he has been such a blessing, I am so blessed to have two adorable little boys who sometimes drive me crazy, but most of the time make me smile. HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY ASHTON.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My NEWEST Passion

I have been wanting to do something fun forever, my sister Miranda started making bows last year and they are so cute.
I love to scrapbook and do crafts and when I went to Ben Franklins one time I found the cutest hand made cards and decided that I could do that. So I started and they are doing good already, I just recently put them in my Mom's candle shop and I have taken a couple to work and sold them. I am selling them for $2.50 a piece and I am willing to come to you and show them off. Just let me know if your interested, also if you have a special request for a card for that special occasion, just let me know and I can help out. Here are just a few of my favorites...

Some of the cards have sayings on them and some don't.