Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lexi's Baby Shower

So Lexi's room is pretty much done, the only thing left to do is get the dresser, which hasn't been at the store, so I have to order online. I am totally in love with this room and my Husband did such a great job putting it all together. I am still having a hard believing that I am going to have a little girl, I dream about it all the time and I am so excited. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, I love my boys so much and they have taught me so much about life, I would NEVER trade them for anything in this world. I think this little girl is going to be good for them too, she will definately love her brothers so much and they will be her best friend.

My Sister Miranda threw me a baby shower today and boy did we get a lot of clothes. Lexi will definately have an outfit for everyday of the summer, if not two. She has lots of dresses, lots of onsies that are all so very cute, a bathtub, toys, socks, blankets and bows. Thanks so much to all my Family and Friends, this little girl was spoiled and is going to be spoiled...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fire Station and Baby update

One of the guys that Bob works is a volunteer firefighter for the South Weber Fire Department and he invited us down to show the boys around. Jax has been excited from the moment he found out and has been counting down the days and hours. When we arrived he showed us around the offices and stuff. The picture below is the only thing Ashton would go near, he was NOT afraid of the dummy at all. But you can forget about everything else.

We then headed out to the fire station part where all the fire trucks are, I think I was even educated a little today. I knew that being a firefighter took a lot of time and dedication, but I didn't realize everything that came with it. We seen the BIG RED fire truck that took up the whole garage in length, the yellow fire truck which was a little smaller, the paramedic truck, a fire truck used for forest fires and many more things. It was quite the experience and Jaxon is already asking when he can go back. Ashton on the other hand thought he was in jail and wanted out. Silly Boy!!!

They even ended up with a little souvenoir to remember their time there and Ashton was happy with that. Thanks Travis for the tour and letting us waste an hour of your time.

And last but certainly not least, I went to my doctor appt yesterday, I have been really sick with the flu all week and have spent everyday in bed except today. They moved my due date back a week, because Lexi is smaller than we though, to say I was shocked is an understatement, because I didn't think I made small babies. She weighs 2LBS 3OZ and they had me at 28 weeks, apparently thats too little especially since they are going to take her at 37 weeks. Nothing too bad, I just move back to my original date of June 4th. She is very healthy and everything looks good, I really am getting so anxious for her arrival its killing me. But I also still have a lot to do and a lot of fun things coming up. I promise to have pictures of her room completed up soon. I also cannot stay away from the little girl section at Target, Old Navy or Baby's R Us, she will definately have outfits to last all summer long.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My reason for not getting out of bed and fun new things...

I swear all I want to do is lounge around in bed and never move...does that happen? NO, I wish! I am blaming the picture above for not wanting to move out of my bed on a daily basis. Bob got us a new bed last month and I can honestly say it is the most comfortable thing ever...I love it! I was pretty spoiled last month and here are a few of the things that I got besides the bed (the most important)...

The Ipod Touch, I love love love it!!! It gets me through work everyday, I can listen to some of my favorite shows (Two and half Men, According to Jim, Discovery Health shows and so many more), listen to music that I love and also it has the coolest FREE games and apps. I highly recommend it.

The Cricut, I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I love it. Of course the cartridges are expensive as all heck, but my lovely Husband suprised me on Valentine's with it and I couldn't be more thankful. If anyone has any secrets, let me know, I am up for anything less expensive than the cartridges that cost as much as the machine. I have had so much fun with it, I made Lexi's baby book with it. So CUTE!!!

So thats a few of my new toys that I received last month and never got a chance to share. Thanks Bob for spoiling me!

Friday, March 6, 2009

90 Days and counting...

Today I have officially 90 days left or less. Things have been a little better the last couple of weeks, I find myself getting exhausted easily and cramping easier, but nothing big like before. She is constantly moving letting me know she is in there. I love that feeling more than anything, but I also cannot wait to meet her. Her room is almost complete, we painted it pink and stained some wood a dark walnut (almost like a chocolate brown). I love it! Jaxon was a little freaked out when he seen the pink room, but I explained to him that baby sister was going to be a girl like Mommy. He said "Oh, I didn't know I was going to have two Mommy's". Funny kid! So here is a few sneak peaks of Lexi's room...of course there is nothing on the wall as it is newly painted. But there will be two shelfs and some vinyl lettering sayings...STAY TUNED...