Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back...

I am not sure how to look back at 2009. I like to think of it as a tough year, but I think in ways it was a good year too. It has mended so many relationships, brought me closer to poeple I love and gave me my sweet baby girl. I won't miss 2009 thats for sure, because I don't think I have been more depressed in my life than this year. I am ready for 2010 and all the adventures it has to bring.


Got past the 20 week mark of pregnancy and started preparing for our little girl.


The month of LOVE and the shortest month of the year. I love February, its at the top of my favorite month list. During this month we got rid of our little puppies that we had and that was sad. This is the month that I started having major problems, I remember my Doctor saying that we just needed to make it to 28 weeks. While I am thinking that I couldn’t ever imagine having a baby that early, I am wanting to make to no sooner than 32 weeks.


Lexi's room is completed. I had my baby shower and WOW pink. This was a good busy month. I had never though at this point that we would have a nightmare to go through in just a couple of months.


Was Easter in April or May, for some reason all my Easter pics are under May, but I swear it was in April. Anyway, we celebrated Easter at Antelope Island. Had a blast! Did a couple more things to Lexi’s room and I remember staring at her clothes and being so happy. I also remember that I was excited that I had made it farther than I was supposed too.


This was an emotional month, but a good ending to the month. I never thought Lexi would come as early as she did. I thought maybe a couple weeks at the most, but 6. And it doesn’t sound like a lot right now, but it was and I was so scared. I remember walking into the hospital knowing that I wouldn’t be going home pregnant, I was so unprepared. I had Lexi’s bag packed, but I hadn’t even thought about mine. I was shaking and exhausted and in so much pain. The first two days were the longest days of my life. When she was born I was so emotional, I cried and cried and cried. I loved her so much and had only seen her for a quick second. After two long weeks exactly she made her way home and I was so excited.
Then came Jaxons 5th Birthday, I still can’t believe my oldest is 5, I swear it seems like yesterday he was born. He definitely keeps me on my toes, but I love the boy more than I could ever tell him. I felt bad for him, because I had told him we would have a big party and well his party ended up half way through June and I still feel bad. He has grown up so much; it’s like this older child in this smaller body. He is smart and makes me smile everyday.


This month is a little foggy to me. First was Ashton’s 3rd Birthday and then we celebrated both their Birthdays at the splash pad in Ogden. Shortly after that, we found out the heart breaking news that Bob may not survive. I remember trying to think of how I would make it without him and it just didn’t seem possible. I would have to sell my house just to make ends meet and it didn’t sound realistic. We would through so many tests during this month and spent SOOOOOO much time in the hospital. This month flew by believe or not.


This month will go down as the hardest month ever in my life. We started it with a heart cath and then a day in the emergency room because of an aneurism. Then a little bit later was the LONGEST day of my life, the 14 hour surgery which was only supposed to be 4 hours. After 3 days in ICU and 3 days on the floor we finally came home. I felt bad for my kids this month, I hardly seen them and I seen more of the hospital than even my own home.

Jaxon also sliced his fingers open and had 7 stitches and 2 fingers glued.


My maternity leave quickly came to an end. 13 weeks goes by extremely fast believe it or not. I spent the last couple of weeks with my Husband and kids going to the park, hanging out at home and having barbecues. Then it was back to reality.

We went tubing down the river, Jaxon overcame his fear of going down by himself and I am so proud of him.

This was our first adventure out since Bob's surgery. My Grandparents came in from Texas and we went to Antelope Island again and to Bear Lake. Jaxon also started school. Surely a busy month.


The month that Lexi was officially diagnosed with Pulmonary Stenosis with a PDA and PFO. This was a happy month, because although Lexi’s heart condition could be worse, she is doing well with it. She is gaining weight and thriving.

This month Bob and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary up in Park City. We had a blast and that is where we went the first time we met.

We went to the Zoo and took all the kids. We also went to the fair in SLC and had a great time.


We celebrated Halloween. Ashton was a puppy, Jaxon was a Doctor and Lexi was a princess. We had a family/friend party at our house with soup and lots of goodies.

Ashton learned to ride his bike with no training wheels. Both my boys in one year.


Lexi turned 6 months. Time sure flies, I can't believe it.

I turned 26 and I feel old all of sudden.

We celebrated THanksgiving at my Mom's and I slept in the next day and didn't go shopping.


Celebrated Christmas and counted down the days to a new year!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpas

Okay. So I must admit that I have been dreading this day for a long time. But I am so happy with the ending result and thankful for everything and this day. My kids got spoiled by my family. I still can't believe all the stuff they got. Tons and tons of new clothes. Everything hot wheels you can imagine (Race tracks, trucks, cars, etc.), new shoes, a dinosaur, motorcycles and a big can of popcorn. Lexi got tons and tons of clothes and lots of new toys that she will now require a toy box.
Bob and I got nerf guns (He thinks he is going to kick my butt....HAHAHAHA!!!!). I got cologne and picture frames.

Thanks Mom, Dad, Miranda & Justin and the rest of my family for everything. Love you all!!!