Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ashton's Preschool Graduation

These next few weeks are crazy, so expect a lot of posts. I have preschool graduation, yearly check ups, end of school chaos, Birthdays and then more fun. Its kind of crazy around the Clemments house.

Ashton is officially done with Preschool. This school year has flown by and it makes me sad, both my boys have AMAZING teachers this year and I have loved having them both teach my boys.

Ashton's preschool is perfect for him. Today they released their butterflies, jumped on the trampoline and swinged on the swings. It was a laid back graduation and I am totally grateful for that.

When I arrived, Ashton's teacher, Cythinia advised me of what Ashton had told her today. He said "Ms Cynthia, I am going to have to draw a picture of me and you so that you will never forget me." He did and hung it on her wall. This kid is hilarious, he is so worried about leaving his friends and teacher. But I told him that school is FAR from over.

Whats better than a graduation outside on blankets...I love it.

She puts together the cutest books for the kids full of pictures and things they have done. I love it so much, I actually looked at it like 5 times.

So many memories to last forever. I love all the different things he did.

Happy Graduation Day Ashton, we love you and this is just the start of the adventures that lie ahead.

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Eric and Jenny said...

I know honestly I think May has got to be the craziest month next to December. I am about to fall over dead every night from exhaustion. I guess the craziness makes the summer time that much sweeter!