Monday, April 29, 2013

Six Flags over Texas

Had one of the best weekends so far since being here.  Crazy busy, but so much fun.

We woke up Sunday and decided while its only in the 80s to take the kids to Six Flags, we arrived at 10am, rode the carousel and watched the Looney Tune Characters while Ashton danced with them and then hit up the rides.  Lex rode 5 rollercoasters and screamed her brains out.  Ashton has only been to little carnivals, nothing big like this.  We had only taken Jaxon to Lagoon once and he hated it, so I was worried about taking him here, but he surprised me. 

We had the time of our lives.  We will definitely be going back.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Instagram Update #2 - April

Catch up on Instagram for April since the month is almost over and soon it will be the busy month of MAY.

Tried out Buffalo Wild Wings for the very first time and loved it.  Very kid friendly.

Lex wanted a flower in her hair.

One of the things I love about where I work.  Can see the horizon and all of downtown Dallas.

Typical Friday, just my girl and I.

Trying to wear out the kids energy, it didn't work.

Bought some blackberries for the kids and they finished them in NOTHING flat.

The Irving Firefighters came to Lex school.

This is what I came home to last Sunday, Ash and Lex eating watermelon.

The start of eating blackberries.

Loved this, it gave me the assurance that everything will be okay.

Wanting to nap...but didn't!!

My boy

Sunday morning on our way to church and the view was beautiful.

Well I have a nail polish obsession

Just one pair of my new sandals

Just a baby girl

Kids being kids

New sandals for Ash

Human Launch pad

This dog loves me unconditionally

Afternoon rest

Lex got a big girl bed

And we stuffed the mattress in the jeep

My other pair of new shoes

Lex has had this beanie for a long time, it is like a security blanket for her.

Dinner one night, no one felt like cooking.

Passed out on the floor.

New outside toys.

Buffalo Wild Wings

All the tragic events that took place last week were so overwhelming and unbelievable.

My dryer blew up this past week and I had to get a new one.

Jax eats more than an army and it all goes to his feet.

Barbie's for the girl

Monday, April 22, 2013

Last week

I'm still trying to recover from last week, so many things happened and many days I was glued to the TV wondering if this was all a nightmare.

First the Boston Bombings, then the explosion just South of us here in Texas, then my Grandma being admitted to the hospital, a crazy storm hitting us, Bob having finals, my Grandpa getting sick and then just the everyday life of trying to keep going.

I'm still in shock of the Boston events, I can't believe it happened and I'm distraught by it.  I was at work when I looked at FB and seen that it happened.  I thought it was a joke honestly.

Then I got home and I couldn't get my eyes off the TV.  These innocent people doing what they love and BAM, just like that.

Then the explosion down south, I turn on the news Wednesday night and I couldn't believe my eyes.  It was just crazy.  I had just received a phone call that my Grandma as at the ER.  And her phone shut off.  I couldn't get a hold of her, I had no clue where she was and I was worried sick.  So I stayed up waiting for her to call again and nothing.  Finally fell asleep around 11:40 and at 3am I was woke up by a loud BOOM.  Storms here are insane.  They hit hard and it just pours.

Normally my grandparents take the boys if the weather is bad, but my Grandma ended up getting admitted.  Two years ago she received a kidney transplant and she was severely dehydrated and they were worried she was losing her kidney.  Thankfully, she is good.  So I had to go to work late on Thursday to take the boys to school so that they were safe. 

Then Friday during lunch, my Grandpa looked really bad, I wasn't sure what was wrong, but he left the table for the car and for the rest of the day and all day Saturday he was pretty sick.  He is thankfully better now too.

Last week was just long, had struggles with my kids.  Its hard to be a parent and then put the crazy things in this world happening and its enough to put you in a slump.  Add moving 1400 miles away from your family to that and well basically you turn into a WRECK.

Saturday I spent a good portion of the day feeling sorry for myself.  I hate these days and for some reason I can't snap out of them.  I have to have a good cry and then tell myself to get over it.  Its hard though, I'm hitting the months of my kids birthdays and it'll be the first time I haven't been around my family.  Its hard to not think about all the things I shared with my family.  My problem is that I think too much.  If I can get through the next 9 months without having to be admitted, it'll be a miracle.  This is sooooo hard, so much harder than I thought.

Lex said to me last week "Mommy, why did you take me away from Grandma?"  She really made me think and then she asked it again and I just cried.  She said "Mommy, you miss Grandma too!"  Yes Lex, I do, more than I will ever be able to explain.  I miss the talks with my Mom, I miss going over and sitting with her on Fridays, I miss going to CafĂ© Rio with her, I miss watching her with her Grandchildren and how nothing else matters when they are around.

So this week, I'm challenging myself to not get back into the slump I got into last week.  Count my blessings, because my life really is good.  Keep my head up, think positive and know that even though my family is far away, they are and always will be in my heart.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Instagram Update #1 - April

Two spoiled dogs.

A boy with his music, I wish my kids didn't discover it honestly, too much work for this Mama to have to worry about what he is listening to.

Grandma Bonnie and Lex on our hike

Typical Texas day, a wreck every single day, so Lex and I watch airplanes come in.

Our Mondays through Thursdays are EXHAUSTING, Lex hardly ever falls asleep, well not this day.

This is how he sleeps

Lex made a kindness jar at Church

Reading bible stories has become our new

Finally getting to decorating Lex room, haven't exactly discovered WHAT I want to do, but have some ideas.

Saturday morning hike.

This quote just felt good to read and a great reminder that I'm NEVER alone.

The Sound of FREEDOM, one thing I for sure miss about home is the jets flying over.

Yep, that's my doggy.

Beautiful Saturday, a hike and a picnic

Boys brought seashells home from the ocean and I made them a new decoration to our house.

Catching some sun rays

Only in Texas

Getting my tan on.

This ice cream is heaven on earth

sandal season

She stayed home with Daddy, can you tell?

So true

I'm a LIST girl

Saturday Picnic

Poor boy exhausted after our hike

Sleeping boys = silence

Love, love, love this

This girl gives me a run

Trying new things, this time....Pizza INN

My boy took a tumble down the hill side.