Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jaxon through the years...

Jaxon's first year of life. Oh how at times I wish I could go back to those days, he was such a easy going baby. So loveable, so full of life and so much fun.

Jaxon's second year of life. I could stare at these pictures forever. I love the memories of these pictures.

Jaxon's third year of life. I have to say the 3's are worse than the terrible twos, atleast with my boys. But I still miss these days.

Jaxon's 4th year of life...crazy, I remember the day he turned four and how excited he was.

Jaxon's 5th year of life, where a whole new chapter began.

Jaxon's 6th year of life, he has grown up way too fast...

And today, almost 7 going on 13. He loves to give me attitude and act like he is the boss. But I have learned is that you have to pick your battles. I try to tell Jax that I want the best for him and to see him succeed. But I know I am a little bit harder on him, he is my oldest and I want him to set the best example.

I just think he has grown up way too fast, I can't believe I am going to be the Mom of a 7 year old in 4 days. I told him to today with a tear going down my face that he can't get older than 7.

This kid means the world to me and I can't explain that to him.

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