Thursday, May 5, 2011

A few things....

I learned this week...

I still have the patience to put together a puzzle, I worked on it Sunday and then Monday morning while waiting to leave to the hospital.

My Daughters hair is driving me CRAZY, most days I throw it up in pigs and call it good.

Mine and Lex feet look similiar, isn't it weird how you find things like that, that are the same.

A few other things I learned without pictures...

I have the most amazing co-workers, on Monday my good work friend brought us dinner. Bob has been moving the site since he is the IT manager and is working hectic hours, which is the reason why he wasn't able to be by myself and my went. So not only did my friend bring dinner for Monday, but Tuesday also. This is not the only thing she did, she let me cry to her many times week when I needed to let it all out. I am so thankful to have such a amazing friends, not only at work, but lifelong friends, High school friends, work friends, ex work (Sunset) friends and Blog friends. They're amazing!!!

My boys no longer love to have their pictures taken, I am sad about this. Jax told me that I take too many pictures. One day he will appreciate my day!!

My Daughter is bossy and she isn't even a teenager yet. This is our conversation just this week. Lex: "Mommy, I want juice!" Me: "Okay, when I get out of the shower I will get you some." Lex: "Hurry up Mommy, hurry up!"

Dora has officially taken over our TV, she is on when we get home so I can get things done and she stays on until dinner time. If I hear "we did it, we did it, we did it YEA!!!" one more time, I may explode...just kidding, I secretly love that she loves a show so much, just don't tell her that.

I can't walk into one room without the being a toy, a shoe or something and lately its driving me crazy, my house is NEVER clean and I hate it. I actually told Bob I was hiring a maid to clean our house once a week. I just can't do it, is that bad? I work a full time job Monday - Friday 6am-3:30pm and its only going to get worse. Our site is moving to Roy and I will now have to drive from Roy to Layton and back to Roy and then repeat to pick up. So I will add an hour to my day everyday starting May 23rd. I am NOT thrilled, but what do you do when you have a free babysitter?

I also learned that you should always go with your gut instict, I didn't like the whole waiting 6 months thing yesterday and didn't feel good about it. So I have chatted with my doc and I will have the lump removed in June. It should be an easy procedure and I shouldn't have too bad of a recovery. I would much rather have one small procedure than deal with full blown cancer down the road. So I will have it removed and then repeat mammograms and all that every six months. I am feeling a lot less stressed about all this, its not the one thing consuming my every thought now.

My week in a nutshell, I am excited for the weekend. Warm and sunny!!!

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Eric and Jenny said...

Gut instincts way to go my friend, good for you. I think you will feel so much better just having it gone, and not worrying about it. What a great lesson that sometimes we just have to be advocates for ourselves and our loved ones.

I think Lex's pigtails are cute, keep them coming! I complain often about Katelynn having no hair, but honestly the thought of her having hair terrifies me. I have no idea how to do a little girls hair!