Thursday, May 31, 2012

Odds & Ends of May

This month is by far the busiest month and to say that I am glad its over is an understatement.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MAY, its one of my favorite months.  But I'm ready for school to be out, I'm ready for the summer fun, I'm ready for warm weather, I'm for the park, splash pad and lake. 

Here are some things I didn't ever blog about, because life flies by you and before you know it, its the 31st.

First thing:

Two weeks ago I bought the boys their Birthday gifts.  Jax has been dying to have rollerblades, I wasn't sure about it at first and didn't want to get them, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought...WHY NOT?

Ashton decided her wanted rollerskates for his Birthday and so I took care of both of their Birthday presents at that time.  Three Birthdays in one month can just about kill you.

Next thing:

Lex had her three year old well child check, we got both bad news and good news, it never fails, I guess we are suppose to keep Primary Children's in business.

The Good: 

She is in the 52 percentile for weight and the 92 percentile for height, poor girl unfortunately is going to be super tall.  Doctor said she is EXTREMELY smart, talks so well and he is amazed at how far she has come and how much she does for being a preemie.  Sometimes I have to remind myself she was born 6 weeks early.

The bad:

Her heart sounds bad again, it could mean a number of things.  The doctor was sure the murmur would NEVER close up, but he wasn't worried.  He said it sounds like her pulmonary stenosis is back also.  The PDA and PFO are the murmur and they will either close up later or never and they will only do something about it if she starts having problems.  So back to cardiology we go. 

The other bad news, she is also seeing an orthopedic surgeon at Primarys.  I never thought this condition would last longer than 2 honestly, so I never worried about it.  But her hips ache and her feet, she turns in her right foot pretty bad and throws it when she runs.  So it could mean that hip surgery is in Lex near future.  I am not worrying myself YET.  I know how this crazy medical stuff goes.  I get myself worried and it all works out.  We'll just deal with it as it goes.  

Lex is doing good, so thats part of the reason for not worrying.  She is a normal 3 year old girl full of life.

Other random stuff:

I've been reading these books, amazing and hard to put down is what I can say without giving away too much.

And today, I took all three monkeys to the splash pad, they loved it.

Not the best pictures, I left my camera at home and well Instagram seems to be the popular thing right now.

Other random things:

Jax had water day and I called it, I said he would be soak and wet and well.....HE WAS SOAK AND WET!!!

And last week, Misty and I went shopping at City Creek, loved it and I got some super cute cheap earrings.  I wasn't sure about going there, everyone talked about it only having expensive stores, but I found the best deals there.  My new favorite store is H&M.

Good-bye May, its been nice.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dear Jaxon,

My sweet sweet boy, I can't believe you're EIGHT, that seems so old.  Its half way to 16 and I don't like that.  I'll never forget the day I became your Mom.  You were sent to me for a reason.  I know you think I am hard on you, but I only want the best.  I want you to have the best, recieve the best and hope for the best.  I want your dreams to become reality. 

Today you advised me that you were going to work for the FBI, in a way I was worried, but I see it in you Jaxon.  You are so much like me that I often wonder if its me growin upp all over again.  You are stubborn, determined, sweet, whole hearted, loving and CARING.  I love all the qualities about you.  I love that no matter what, you NEVER GIVE UP.  Its the one thing I have taught you that you haven't left behind.  I love that your goal was to get better at math this year and you did.  I love that you try your hardest at school.  I love that you like school, but did advise over the weekend that you "needed a break!" 

Please sweet boy, don't rush time.  Don't rush to be 10 and 16 and 18 and 21 and then before you know life is tough, its all about REALITY, the real stuff.  Its about LIFE.  Stay eight, enoy being eight, love eight and look forward to NINE, but don't rush it.


Happy 8th Birthday!!!

Love always,



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The last eight years

It seems like yesterday I became a Mom, I am still learning, I learn something new every day.  I guess thats what motherhood is all about. 

When your young it seems like time moves slowly, you want to turn the next age TOMORROW, now that I am older I wish time would go slower, but it doesn't. 

I can't believe Jax is turning eight, I can't believe I have a EIGHT year old.

Jax is my lovebug, my pal, my boy and here he is the last eight years.

I can't describe how happy I was to be a Mom, its the most beautiful thing in the whole world.

I'll never forget his Elmo obession and how that red fuzzy guy could turn that sad face into the happiest face on earth.  Something about that Elmo that Jax loved to pieces.

This boy never ceases to amaze me, he is very busy.  I'll never forget the times with just Jax and I.  Those memories will NEVER go away.

So many fun times together, I can't wait to see what the future holds.

And today...

I couldn't pick a favorite, I love them all.  I love this boy!  He has definately stole my HEART!!!