Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Everything happens for a reason...

My title could not fit more...because a year ago, I thought I would never get pregnant again, Bob and I had talked about it and tried and tried and tried. I knew that when the time was right it would happen, so I quit worrying and what do you know...

I am so excited to finally be able to have my little GIRL...Thats right, its a girl, the doctor is over 90% sure and I even verified it with him, with my boys, you could definately tell they were boys, there was no denying it. I would have been happy either way, but this is something I have wanted my whole life and I am proud.

We are going to name her Alexia Marissa Clemments and call her Lexi. YAY!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


YAY, tomorrow is the BIG day, I finally get to find out what this little one is. I am now 16 weeks and 3 days. So stayed tuned tomorrow to find out the BIG news....

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A White Christmas

To me there is nothing better than waking up Christmas morning to white stuff on the ground. I love it!

My Dad made both the boys toy boxes, Ashtons isn't fully complete yet. This is probably the most meaningful gift they received

The boys Christmas morning in their jammies that their Great Grandma made them. I think their adorable.

Santa brought both the boys a Hummer H2 with a boat and nerf guns any and lots of other goodies. As you can see the boys both loved the Hummers.

The boys in one of their cute new outfits. Of course Ashton can never look at me and he always has to be saying something.

Bob and mine's Christmas present from my Grandma, now we have a complete table and I am so excited.

I have to say there is nothing that makes me more happy then to see the smile on my kids face as they open their presents. Ashton was funny this year, he totally understands the whole concept of unwrapping the presents and he loved it. My boys were spoiled this year, I have been stressing so bad, because Bob and I weren't able to buy a whole lot, but my parents and Grandma went all out and there is no way to ever thank them for everything they did to make my boys Christmas the best. I love the true meaning of Christmas, being around family and loved ones, watching your kids go crazy over things and just the love & laughter in the air. I am ready for 2009 to come in more ways than one, this year has been rough and I can't wait to see what 2009 brings. Hope everyone has a very safe and Merry Christmas, remember to give your loved ones a hug and cherish every minute with them.

Also to all the people serving our country that aren't able to be home with their families, your in my thoughts and prayers and THANK YOU so much for everything, you all are true heroes. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Christmas gift

Yes, I got it early, I actually thought I was getting nothing, because Bob and I agreed not to do gifts for each other...well wrong, he got me something anyways. Yup, this is my new friend. I love it! I have wanted one forever and well I finally got it.
P.S. Baby is doing good. I find out in less than 2 weeks what I am having, I am so excited. I really have my fingers crossed for a little girl, but I will be happy either way. I am starting to feel better and actually able to enjoy being pregnant, I want that since this will be the last no matter what.
Hope every has a wonderful Christmas! Love you all!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life is crazy..

So alot has been going on...

First thing...I finally finished my Christmas shopping, what a relief? Jaxon informed me what my Mom got me for Christmas and then proceeded to tell me that he wasn't suppose to tell me. LOVELY!!!

Next cute little doggy Sadie Mae had a litter of puppies last night. Can I just tell you all that this was quite the experience. The first puppy didn't make it and it broke my heart, but the next 6 did and they are as adorable and healthy as ever. They will be ready the week of Valentine's, perfect timing and I am in love with them.

Friday, December 5, 2008

13 weeks, can you believe it?

Of course I can't ever have a NORMAL pregnancy, there always has to be something going on. And of course its my incision again, so no lifting anything for me and I pretty much have to take it easy. Its hard! I have two little rugrats and I don't stop.

So now for the GOOD news, I find out December 31st what I am having....YAY!!! I am so excited I can barely wait. Both of the boys are getting excited, Jaxon keeps asking when the baby is going to be here and why it is taking so long. Its hard to explain to a 4 year old that the baby has to grow and bake. He said to me a couple weeks ago..."Mommy, did I come out of your belly or someone elses belly". I said to him..."Jaxon, you were in Mommys belly." He wanted to know how he fit, I told him he hadn't always been as big as he is. I love hearing him talk. Ashton is a bit different, he tells everyone that he has a baby in his tummy and he constantly wants to give the baby kisses, it makes me smile, he is so lovey and I can't wait to see how he acts as a big brother. For the most part, things are getting better, I am not throwing up everyday, but I find myself getting tired very quickly.

Here are some pictures, hope you enjoy...