Monday, August 17, 2015


So much has happened over the last 7 months.  I swore I would never not keep up with this blog, but life has gotten past me. 

My goal is to get it all caught up.  With school returning next week and all the things I want to blog, its time for an update.

We moved in May.  Spent a good 4 months getting Bob's parent moved out of the house and on the road to Iowa.  We completely re-did everything in the house, from painting to carpet to tile to bathroom makeovers and we are still going.  We have a lot to work on still, but it'll happen eventually.

We are filling settled and it feels more like home now.  I struggled really bad at first, because I couldn't see how it could be turned around in the little time that we had.  But we worked together and got it done.  I regret not having before pictures for a lot of things, but some of those memories, I don't want to look at. 

In June the kids finished another year of school and Lexi, her first year.  This next year will be the first time all 3 kids will be in school full time.  I'm struggling with the reality of it being Jaxon's last year of Elementary and next year he'll be off to Junior High.  Time flies. 

We had an amazing summer.  We did a lot and I'm so thankful that God has provided us with all he has.  Stay tune for updates...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Christmas Day

Here it is February 4th and I'm just updating about our Christmas.

It was perfect and I have all the pictures with proof.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Broken arm

I never imagined it would be my daughter who would break her arm before her brothers.  I thought for sure having two brothers, it would be one of them.  Well I was wrong.

Lexi wasn't even outside for 10 minutes and her friend and Ashton come running in that Lex fell off the monkey bars.  I didn't think it would be broken, she was pretty emotional that day, so I figured she was just being a grump.  But my motherly instinct told me to take her in, so I did.

We waited 1 hour and 45 minutes in the waiting room to be seen and she fell asleep on her Aunt Randa.  I said about 5 minutes before we were called back that if I was there and her arm wasn't broke, I would be upset.

We get called back, she gets X-rays and its 100% broke, not just in 1 spot, but 2.

Let me tell you, the first couple nights and days were brutal, nothing I hate worse than my kids being in pain.  She cried and cried and cried.  It was so hard.  But she is doing great today and hopefully we are on our last cast.