Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our wild and crazy week...

First of all, I am sorry that I only post once a week if that, I promise once this baby is born you will be sick of me...

I have also decided that my camera sucks and I don't know why, it wasn't cheap, but the pictures don't turn out good anymore.

We had a busy week and we have a REALLY busy month coming up that I am really excited about, minus a few things, like my Dad leaving.

Yesterday was my Grandma's Birthday, we suprised her and took her out to lunch at Garcia's, it was yummy and fun!!! I have also decided that Jax is growing right now, he ate a whole bean burrito, chips and salsa and all of my Grandma's free dessert she got for her Birthday.

Jaxon has been acting really weird and wild lately, I know he knows that changes are coming soon and this is his way of acting out. But boy has it been a struggle lately. He asked me the other day why I had to go to work everyday, I explained it to him and he said "well I miss you when your at work." This really broke my heart, Jaxon is growing up right before my eyes and even though he can be the biggest bratt, I love the kid more than words could ever say. He has also been picking the scab on his face for the past month, its driving me crazy. Three times just today I have had to wash the blood off of his face because he picks it so bad. I am not sure why he is doing this!

Ash has also been acting out too, he is VERY VERY clingy, doesn't leave my side and he has fallen asleep in my bed for the past week. I find him singing COWGIRLS DON'T CRY, but instead of "ride baby ride", he says "ride baby sister ride." It is the cutest thing in the whole world and I hope to get it recorded one day.

The dancing picture above is what I came around the corner to yesterday, so funny! He is was dancing!!!

And last, but certainly not least, my good friend Sunset made this adorable saying for Lexi's room, I couldn't be more happier with it. I totally love it and it brings out her room all together. Thanks again Sunset!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Chunky Cheeks

I can't believe it, I officially have 50 days left and I will finally get to meet my little girl. Today I had my doctors appt and can I tell you that I have never had to wait as long as I waited today. I waited 1 hour and 20 mins before I finally saw the doctor. Well there was a reason, the PA Brett Earl that worked there died of a heart attack on Saturday and they had to squeeze his patients in to other doctors. VERY SAD!!! But my appt. went good, she looks great and weighs 4lbs 7oz and has the chunkiest cheeks. I am so excited to meet her. Sorry the picture isn't great, its 3D picture and you can see her chunky cheeks in it, I love it!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Well we had a wonderful Easter weekend. Saturday, the boys headed with my parents out to Antelope Island for an Easter egg hunt. Bob had made plans to help someone with his basement and I had made plans with my Sis to go shopping. So we all met up later to color eggs and that was fun. Of course the adults ended up finishing them, because the kids lost interest. Then Sunday morning we ended over to my parents house for lunch, I love Easter lunch, there is nothing better than potatoe salad, beans, ham and a roll. I love it! After that we headed to the park for a little bit and then decided to go back out to Antelope Island so the boys could climb the rocks. My boys are so adventerous, it doesn't suprise me, but man, they have no fear at all. They loved it and it totally made their day. I myself am worn out and came home with swolen feet, but it was worth it and I wouldn't take it back. Sorry for all the pictures.
P.S. Thanks so much to all the people that commented on my last post, I really am doing better now, I know everything happens for a reason and everything will be fine. My Mom is doing better and we will get her through this, the good thing is Lexi will be here soon and then my Dad will be home right after that. Love you all!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Need to clear my mind...

This week has been crazy and a lot has happened. Sunday I started having the lovely pains that I had awhile ago with my incision, but I kind of just let it go and tried not to worry about it. Sunday night I didn't sleep, I maybe got an hour of sleep if that. I stayed up worrying about weird, are they sure its a girl? Hello, her room is pink, how embarassing if its not a girl. Yes, it has been confirmed three times, so I am 95% sure it is a girl, the other 5% I don't even know. Then I worry about if she comes early, right now I am scheduled for plan time the last week of May, from May 25th through the 29th and my maternity leave starts June 1st. But nothing goes as planned, it didn't with Jaxon and it surely didn't with Ashton. But the reason for my worry is that I get 13 weeks paid, so that would put me due back September 7th, but I have taken the week planned because Jaxon starts school and I want to be able to take him the first couple of weeks. So I have 15 weeks planned and its seems so perfect. The whole summer off with my boys and a brand new baby girl, enjoying days at the park and just be able to do what we want. I love it! Does it seem to good to be true, yes it does and thats why I am worrying about all this.

So to continue my week, Monday morning my Mom calls me at work crying, I am thinking "what could be wrong that she is crying so hard?" As I get her calmed down she tells me..."your Dad won't be here when Lexi is born." You can imagine the thoughts running through my head, I am thinking, okay, is he sick? Did he find out something bad? What is going on? Well my Dad has to go to Korea and yes it sucks really bad, so bad that I sat and cried with my Mom while she told me she didn't want him to go and that she would miss him. He is going to miss his first Grand daughter being born and it breaks my heart, but I know its his job and I know that someone has to do it. But my Mom also has not been doing good, my Mom has MS (Multiple Scerosis), most people are in a wheel chair that have this, but my Mom is not. She is one of the strongest people I know, she is a hard working, determined and doesn't let this bring her down. But she is losing feeling in her arm and leg, I hate it. I hate seeing my Mom go through this, and she doesn't complain about it and doesn't let anyone know how she really is feeling. Everytime my Dad has left to go TDY, my Mom has an MS attack. Yes, part of it is because she stresses and thats one thing she can't do, but who wouldn't when your Husband or spouse is thousands of miles away in some foreign country.

So I went to bed that night worrying once again about my Mom, she means the world to me, she is always there for me, she is my inspiration and someone I look up to dearly. My Dad is also worried about her, he asked that we make sure she is taken care, which she will be.

Well yesterday was a horrible day at work, everything that could go wrong, did. I think I am just at the end of my pregnancy where everything bothers me more than it should. I have zero patience, I find my kids annoying me with things that wouldn't normally and I hate it. I am tired, exhausted and I feel so uncomfortable. So thats why my body decided to start contracting on Tuesday, what a perfect time? Why not add on something else right? Well not only am I contracting, but my pain has gotten worse. So I came home from work today and took a nap and tried to clear my mind, but I can't. I have thousands of things running through my head and blogging about it seems to help. I can't wait for this week to be over. So thanks for listening and sorry about the complaining, but I kind of feel better.

P.S. My Dad leaves the first week in May and will be gone for 8 weeks (doesn't seem very long). Please pray for him and my Family, especially my Mom, she will need the extra prayers. Thanks guys!

Also, I go to the doctor next week, so I will have the news on what he says. My contractions are not bad, just uncomfortable.