Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 things in 2010

10. This year has been full of so many wonderful things along with some sad. My Aunt moving here, my family being healthy, our trip to Bear Lake, all the fun at the Roy aquatic, fun times at Cherry Hills, my boys camping trips with Grandma and Grandpa, Bob and I's getaway to Lava, our trip to Wendover with my parents and Grandma and Aunt, our barbecues, endless nights of cards, all the laughs, the tears, they have all been worth it. Attending a funeral for a very loved teacher, Mrs. Barnard, my Best Friend Lindsey and Grandpa being diagnosed with cancer and cured. Lifes small miracles. My Mom's MS which has worn her out this year, but her never giving up. The relationships I have with my family, they are closer than ever. I thank God every day for the small blessings in my life.

Here are pictures from every month starting with January, its amazing to see how much my kids have grown.

9. Jaxon turned 6, Ashton turned 4 and Lexi turned 1. Another year brings more birthdays and another year older.

8. Tubing down the river, which is always a blast in my book.

7. My best friend Lindsey got married and thats how we started the year.

6. Both my parents turned 50 this year. A great milestone in life.

5. Jaxon starting 1st grade, where does time go, my first baby has turned into a grown up little boy.

4. Bob and I celebrating 7 years of marriage.

3. Spending 4 days in beautiful Bear Lake with my whole family and some of my close friends. It was a blast!!

2. Finding out that Lexi's heart had healed on its own. I can't describe the feeling, but its amazing!!

1. My family all here and healthy. I would say this is the most important thing.

Good-bye 2010 and WELCOME 2011, I have a feeling your gonna be good.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

We made chocolate chip cookies and left carrots for the reindeer. Jaxon also wrote Santa a note, I think it is the sweetest thing ever.

Surprisingly my kids were in bed and asleep by 9pm. I was shocked, but they were so excited. Jaxon got a new scooter along with a stocking FULL of goodies, a money counter, candy, shampoo, a lego flashlight and gloves. Ashton got the IXL game system with the Scooby Doo game and also a stocking full of the same as Jax. Lexi got a kitchen, shopping basket, a stocking full of goodies including new cups, tons of bracelets and necklaces, candy and gloves. Santa was good to me and Bob also. I received in my stocking, perfume and new ear buds that I am super excited. I also got a new quilt. Bob got chocolate, more chocolate, REO Speedwagon (he is old!!! LOL) and a new hat. He also got a invisishield put on his phone.

My kids awoke early....Surprise surprise!! I heard Jax go downstairs about 6am and then run up and get his brother saying...."he came, he came!!!" Then I heard them both go downstairs. Then Jax came into my room and said "Mom, he came, he brought me my scooter!!" Then Ashton came in and said "Mom, Santa brought Jax and me a kitchen!" Sorry bud thats for Lex. We then got up and headed down where the excitement NEVER ended....

Lexi is her new sweater dress, so cute!!!

She was still tired.

And then we arrived at Grandma's where my kids eyes lit up with JOY when they seen all the presents.

And Lexi was hard to find in her mess of paper, she didn't open one gift, she just didn't catch on this year and it makes me sad.

Jax with the look of joy on his face. They received tons and tons of gifts...clothes, lego sets, trio sets, a snuggie, a ship, pajamas, transformers, car sets, a car mat and a pillow pet. I am sure I am forgetting stuff.

Ashton received quite a bit too....clothes, trio sets, a helicopter, transformers, camera, a snuggie, car sets, road map and a pillow pet. And again I am sure I am forgetting stuff.

Lexi in the top of her caterpillar car...she got spoiled too. She got 3 new babies, a puppy, a music box, lots of clothes, pajamas, a radio and a baby carrier. She loved it all, but wouldn't open anything.

All the gifts...we brought home 3 big huge bags full of stuff and still had to have my parents bring home some stuff. We had a great Christmas. But I had one thing on my mind all day and thats my teacher from High School Mrs. Barnard who past away yesterday (Christmas Eve) after a battle with cancer. I am sad for her, for her family and for all the people who loved her. She was amazing! But I am sure she will never be forgotten and the only good thing is that she is NOT suffering anymore. She is now free of pain! RIP Christy!!! We love you!!