Tuesday, June 30, 2009

OH BOY!!! The fun of 12 hrs at a hospital!

So I normally wouldn't post pictures, but I couldn't resist. And the first one I will explain later.

So our LONG day began at 4am, we got up and got ready and dropped the kids off with my Mom and headed to the hospital. We checked in at 6:15AM, Bob was having some chest pain, so they ordered an X-ray and EKG, the EKG came back abnormal. But how can you have a normal one when your heart is bad? I was asking the nurse questions about how long this procedure would take, she said, "oh the first one takes like 20 minutes and the second one will take 2 hours, but he will have to lay flat for 4 hours!" WHAT, a second procedure, since when. She went on to explain that Bob was getting a Heart Cath today, we had NO CLUE!! I was really mad, but knew it needed to be done.

So around 8am, they came and gave him an IV. Bob hates IVs but he stood tough. A little after 8:15 Bob headed back for the first procedure, this is the one where he had to swallow the camera. The doc came out about 45 mins later and said that everything was fine, he didn't find the hole that Bob was told he had since he was little, the hole that he went to Primary Childrens for, for 15 years. The hole that they said they couldn't close up because it was too small. WEIRD!!! So about 10 minutes later Bob came out. It was so weird, I am use to being the one sitting on that bed, not him. He was a little groggy, but looked good. We waited in recovery for 2 LONG hours, I mean LONG!!! Finally around 11 they took him back for the heart cath. I waited in this waiting room with like 10 other people, everyone staring at each other wondering what is going to happen next. I debated on leaving to get something to eat since i hadn't ate all day, but I couldn't do it. After waiting forever, finally at a quarter to 3 I am called back to talk with the doc.

So the news is that Bob has a blockage on his right ventricle leading to his lung. This can be fixed and will consist of open heart surgery. He thinks we are out of the woods with getting a new heart. AGAIN he thinks, this could change of course, but for now we will focus on getting it fixed and going from there. The doctor once again expressed how lucky BOb is to be alive, its so crazy and I firmly believe that if he has made it this far, he can make it forever. I feel so relieved to know that its not as bad as thought. I might even sleep tonite. Bob feels relieved too. So for right now he has a small battle wound and he has to take it easy, but we will get through this. I totally believe that prayers do work and I can't thank the people that have been praying for us enough. Its so crazy! So July 14th we will know the surgery date and I will update soon. Thanks everyone!!!

Oops, almost forgot to explain the first picture. Bob hadn't peed in 4 hours and needed to, so I asked the nurse what we could do and they handed him that thing and I swear he peed for like 30 minutes, sorry to much info, I know, but its funny and we needed a good laugh!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

More fun weekend stuff...

On Saturday while we were at the Union Station taking pictures we noticed a cute little train pull into the parking lot. So we went to find out how much it was and it was FREE, it takes you from the Union station to the Frontrunner station and then to 25th street and then back. It was fun and the boys had a blast. Lexi slept the entire time. The guys who drive it were so sweet and nice! I didn't get a picture of the train, but I highly suggest going down there for the FREE ride, its worth it!

Sunday was Ms. Kaylee's Birthday Party, she had a huge waterslide. Ashton refused to go down at first, but then decided it was okay and did. Once he got on there was no getting him off, he loved it!! He said to me "Mommy, I'm not scared anymore!" So cute! Jaxon of course loved it and didn't even blink to go get on it. Lexi, well she didn't go, apparently she is too little...LOL..Just kidding! But she really is too little, instead she worked on sleeping and eating! And I have no pictures of her there, SUPRISE!!!


We go in tomorrow for his 2nd test, its a really BIG one, so I ask that you please keep him in your prayers. He is nervous. He also hasn't been feeling too good lately, he gets worn out really fast and doesn't have much energy at all, I am hoping that on the 14th we will know what the future holds and where we are going from there.

As for me, I am hanging in there, yesterday was a hard day for me and I cried for about 3 hours last night, but I felt better once it was over. Its hard, I hate seeing my Husband like this and I hate knowing what the future could hold. But I am not letting him give up and I am not either. I will do whatever it takes to make sure everything turns out for the best. POSITIVE THINKING!!!

As for the boys, I know they sense something is wrong, especially since Daddy can't carry them to bed or wrestle with them. Ash has been really clingy and I feel bad for him. Everytime his Dad leaves to go somewhere he asks if he is coming back, its so sad! Today I was telling the boys that Daddy has to get a test done tomorrow on his heart and Ashton said "My Daddy has a sick heart, right Mommy!" I about lost it and then he asked "Is Daddy coming home tomorrow after the hospital!" I quickly told him yes, as I know he is worried. Jax on the other hand handles it different, he understands more than we know. But he doesn't talk much about it! He said "My Dad will be fine Mom!" That was last night when I was crying. Such great boys to keep us going and I know they won't let us give up either.
Lexi of course has no clue, she just makes us smile and it so cute. We love her so much, she has brought a lot of good to this family!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Saturday

On Saturday we went down to the Union Station and my sister took our pictures. Here they are, I think they turned out super cute. Ashton didn't want to go near the trains, I had to bribe him and tell him that they weren't moving. He was being ornery and stubborn the whole time.

After pictures that day, Bob and I went with our neighbors to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, it was beautiful. Even though I am not LDS I still loved it and I think that all the temples are beautiful. It was a neat experience, something I will never forget. The drive was long, but it was worth it. I unfortunately got no pictures because they don't allow any in the temple. I did get a brochure that I plan on keeping. Thanks Volks for inviting us!!