Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lexi's Two Year Old Stats

I am behind, she had her appt a week ago and I am just posting this.

But Lexi's appt went good. She didn't pass her hearing test AGAIN, this is the 4th time, but the doctor isn't too worried, she talks way good and seems to hear. He said her ears have so much fluid that he is shocked she can hear and talk so good. So it looks like tubes will happen again.

So the stats:

Weight: 28lbs EXACTLY
Height: 35.5 inches

She is super tall and skinny, just like Jax.

At 2 years old she is...

*Counting to 10, thanks to Dora

*Speaking so good, she says things that shock me. The latest are "OH my goodness!" and "Mommy, I so cute!" I think we have told her ONE too many times how cute she is.

*She dresses herself, very independent. She puts her shoes on and everything.

*Is almost potty trained, its me, not her, I am not okay with having my baby grow up. Is that bad?

*She is a total girl, loves purses, necklaces, bracelets and FINALLY...having her hair done.

*She is still a Mommy's girl and I am okay with it, but I don't think Daddy is.

*She sleeps through the night still and still takes a 3 hr nap everyday. I am still shocked by this, but boys quit taking naps at one.

*She is my pickiest eater, she doesn't like anything green still. She loves cheese though.

*She is fiesty, I say this in a good way, because she does have 2 older brothers.

*She doesn't like to be held but on her terms.

*She is still obsessed with DORA and I don't see that going away anytime soon.

I still can't believe my baby is two and growing up so fast.

So the bad news about her well child check, she is having surgery in June for her hernia, I have put it off as long as the docs will let me. The hernia has grown and they are worried about it causing problems. So we meet with the surgeon Tuesday and will have a surgery date then. I guess June will be a month of surgeries, because I am also having surgery.


Thiago & Teri said...

You guys just can never catch a break when it comes to medical stuff. hopefully this will be it for awhile, huh. Glad to hear she is doing so well in all her other areas though. What a cute girl.

Eric and Jenny said...

That's the sweetest little picture of her, I love it.

Two surgeries in June, that's just not right to start the summer out like that, but I guess you can get the yucky stuff over with and then have some fun!