Monday, March 29, 2010

A fun tag

10 Years ago......
I was a Junior in High school at Northridge, I was 16 and I wasn't in any relationship, I had been dating a few people and if I remember right it was almost spring break and I was grounded, but the sad thing is I can't remember why. I hung out with Jessica Aldous alot and Melenna.

5 Years ago.......
I was living in South Ogden with Bob, Jaxon was almost 1 years old and the light of my life. I never imagined 5 years ago that I would have 3 kids. I was working full time at Citi of course and being a Mom.

5 Months ago....
That would've been October/November, I was enjoying a almost 6 month old and 2 crazy boys to keep me busy. I was worrying myself to death over Lexi's heart condition and praying that everything would work out for the best and who would know that 5 months later, everything would be just fine.

5 things on my to do list today.....

1. Work
2. Getting off work
3. Laundry
4. Homework with Jaxon
5. And dinner

5 snacks I enjoy....

1. Chocolate covered craisins
2. Granola bars
3. popcorn
4. Dark cocoa almonds
5. fruit snacks

5 things I would do if suddenly I was a billionaire......

1. Pay off all my debt
2. build the house of my dreams
3. Donate
4. Pay off my parents debt
5. And of course GO SHOPPING!!!!

5 bad habits.....

1. Procrastinating
2. always being on my phone, whether its texting, talking or FB
3. Junk food, which will end starting Monday the 5th
4. Soda, I still don't drink caffeine though, but Sprite has to be gone
5. Junk food and I can't really say bad junk food, but things that I get addicted to like Granola bars or those Dark Cocoa Almonds.

5 places I have lived....

1. Upperhayford, England
2. Edwards AFB, California
3. Saginaw, Texas
4. Layton, Utah
5. Roy, Utah

5 jobs I have had....

1. Cleaned model homes
2. sold knives (stupidest job ever)
3. Risk Specialist 1
4. Risk Specialist 2
5. And currently a Risk Specialist 3

5 things people don't know about me.....

1. I love romance movies or books
2. I am weird about what my kids wear, I am not into the whole disney/character shirts
3. I never buy anything at full price
4. I love love love Country music and it sometimes will put me in the best mood ever
5. I hate the color purple, I don't know why, but its just not a color for me

And 5 people I tag....

Whoever wants to have fun with this....

Friday, March 26, 2010

March 24th

Now that my mind is clear and I know that I wasn't dreaming on Wednesday, I would like to talk about how Wednesday went. We arrived at PCMC at about 1:00pm, our appt was at 1:30pm and so we were a little early. We first changed Lexi and then we walked to cardiology, we weren't sure where everything was going to happen, but we went to the right place. They placed us in a room and Lexi was in the best mood, I thought for sure she would remember the last time we were there and be a mess again. But she wasn't, she was Lexi, she was bright, happy and she was making us laugh. Everyone that went by stopped to say how cute she was. A little after they did her EKG, which she was so good for, she sat still and even laid on the table she hates so much. My mind at this point was in a daze, I couldn't believe that my little girl was acting the way she was, thinking back I think she knew everything was okay. EKG came out good and soon after the IV team came to put an IV in her little hand. She was fine at first and when they poked her she cried. That was the only time that she cried the entire time we were there though, she didn't shed any other tears and she was happy the whole time. Shortly after we were taken to the ECHO room where I held her and they put the sedation medicine in her IV. It was the weirdest thing, but she instantly got this look on her face and it broke my heart. I felt someone watching over my little girl though, its hard to explain and thinking about it right now brings tears to my eyes. But someone was there with her and I am so thankful for that. She went to sleep quickly and Bob and I left to get a drink. When we arrived back about 25 minutes later, they were done. She was taken to recovery and didn't wake up forever. A little while after getting to recovery we met with her cardiologist who asked us some questions about how Lexi is doing. Its weird, Lexi hasn't always been a big eater, but in the past two weeks, she has suprised me. She hasn't always had energy and she has always slept more than she has been awake, but not for the last two weeks. Lately she has had more energy, she doesn't sleep all day and she loves to play. He advised us that everything looked great on the ECHO, but he wanted to confirm it with Dr Williams who is the resident and get his opinion. He then listened to her and got this smile on his face. He looked up and Bob & I and said "I don't even hear a heart murmur anymore". I think I lost it, because I never expected those words. He then left and came back about 10 minutes later with Dr Williams who confirmed everything that Dr Leismer has said. I can't explain the feeling, but it felt like the world had been lifted off my shoulders, it felt like I was just looking at my baby girl for the first time, it felt like I just won the lottery, thats how good it felt. And had I not been in recovery I would have scream to the world how happy I was. Shortly after that Lexi drank some apple juice and not too long after we were on our way.

I can't describe how I feel and although some may think that I should've gotten a second opinion forever ago, let me explain that Lexi's heart was not healed at her last cardiology appt, she still had the murmur, she still had the stenosis, this has all happened in a 4 week period and I feel so blessed.

So now, I can move on with life, I am not saying that I won't worry, because I am a MOM, Mom's always worry! But its one less thing I have to deal with. Lexi WILL NOT be going to Primary Childrens to see the cardiologist, she has officially graduated as the doctors said from down there. She will be followed by her pediatrician as normal. I know that prayers work and miracles happened and now I will pray for many more miracles to happen with all the other heart babies and heart kids that I follow. They are still close to my heart and always will be.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Prayers have been answered

I feel like I am dreaming, only this time it isn't a nightmare. I am still grinning from ear to ear and still am sooooo shock the way things turned out. I have prayed and prayed and prayed. I have begged and pleaded and cried and lost sleep and now I will cry only happy tears. Lexi's Pulmonary stenosis is GONE and so is her heart murmur. This is a total SHOCK to me, because I was totally prepared to hear the worse. When her cardiologist said that her ECHO was perfect, I cried. We hear of miracles happening everyday and some witness them and WELL I have witnessed one myself. She truly is a blessing and miracle. My prayers a long with all the people who have prayed with me have been answered and I feel like screaming and jumping up and down. Thanks thanks thanks, I owe a MILLION of them to all the people who have faught for us and kept me going. I can't explain what a great family and group of friends I have, they truly are my guiding light and I will forever be grateful! And a special thanks to all the doctors at Primarys, Lexi's cardiologist Dr Williams and Dr Leismer for all their guidance through this, even though I have only known them for 6 months, it seems like they know my daughter just as good as me. Everyone down there has been so awesome to us. They treated us good and I loved them all!

PS. Sorry the pics are backwards, I had no clue. The first picture is Lexi coming out of sedation.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some fun!!!!

Jaxon learn to ride his skateboard and was soooo proud of himself.

Lexi had her first cake and loved it! She is practicing for her first birthday! She didn't love the bath in the sink though.

We had a blast at my favorite park ever

We celebrated with lunch at Garcia's

Lexi got her first pig tails and had her first lemon!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday Mom

Today my Mom turned 50, its crazy to think that now. So we went all out. We had plans for a party, but we can't keep up with everyones schedule so we just partied ourselves.

We went to lunch at Garcia's, then for a walk/bike ride out at Syracuse park and then came home and had cake.

Here are 50 things about my Mom:

1. She was born in Georgia

2. Lived in Idaho and California growing up

3. She graduated from High school is California

4. She then faught forest fires in California

5. She had to go testify in court for a murder during that time

6. She then came to Utah

7. Met my Dad in a barn

8. She knew my Dad for two weeks and was married

9. They have been married 29 years in May

10. Her and my Dad lives in England for 4 years

11. She lived in Texas for a year while my Dad was TDY in Korea with us girls

12. She moved back to Utah in 1990 with her family

13. Built her first house and moved into it in 1991

14. Loves Camping

15. Loves Animals

16. Loves bugs

17. Was diagnosed with MS in 1995 I believe

18. She is one of strongest people I know

19. She loves bees and will let them crawl on her

20. She loves to mow the lawn

21. She love gardening

22. She loves her job making candles

23. She use to babysit and did for 20 years

24. She loves green

25. She loves hiking

26. She loves ice cream

27. She has been military all her life

28. She is a Daddys girl

29. She has a huge heart

30. She loves her kids no matter what

31. She always worries about her kids

32. She loves her grandkids

33. She became a Grandma in 2004 when Jaxon was born

34. She drives a Jeep Wrangler

35. She has worked at KMK for over 10 years now

36. She loves to bike ride

37. She isn't afraid to try things

38. She loves desserts

39. She loves to buy pajamas

40. She loves hot baths

41. She loves Onions (YUCK!!!)

42. She likes to have a garden

43. She likes to make salsa

44. She loves her dogs and they love her

45. She spoils her grandkids

46. She always looks out for others

47. She will make friends with anybody

48. She loves to go sight seeing

49. She is the BEST Mom anyone could ask for

50. And she turned 50 today!!!!

Happy Birthday Mom! Thanks for everything you do for my family, we love you soooo much!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Park Fun

Well we finally were able to escape to the park yesterday. WOO HOO!!!!

Lexi went down the slide by herself and that freaked me out, so then she went with her brother and she loved it. She also loved the dirt. I hate the park, because kids are rude and disgusting, they like to throw dirt on the slides, pee in the rocks and say naughty things. But my kids love it, so I let them go.

Lexi's sedated echo is a week from tomorrow. I am nervous, anxious, scared and if I could would probably spend the next week crying. But I won't, I have to be strong and its just getting through this that will get us answers to our questions. I just wish it was easier, I wish the pain from everything I experienced with Bob would go away, I still have nightmares, I still lose sleep and I still worry that something is going to be wrong. Even if everything is okay, I will still worry and while other may not understand, its hard! I have never hurt so bad in my life. I have never been so scared for my family, never wanted someone to wrap their arms around me so tightly and tell me its going to be okay. I hate that I went through what I did, I hate that people don't understand how hard it is for and I hate that everyday I worry about it all. Words are undescribable as now I get to watch my little girl go through all the things my Husband went through. There are kids everyday going through this and I ask, how do you mothers do it? I know I will have no choice, but to pray to my Father above that everything works out and to give me the strength to get through this. I know I am stronger than I lead myself to believe and I know that things happen for a reason, what I don't know is why they happen.

Lexi goes in at 2:30pm, its going to be a long day, because there is no food after 8am, we have to be there are 1:30pm and its going to be a long day.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

10 Months

Its crazy to think that in two months this little girl will be 1 years old. I swear this has been the fastest year ever. This time last year I was really worried about not making to 30 weeks. I was scared to death that I wouldn't make it to where I needed to be. But I did.

At 10 months Lexi is doing things that amaze me everyday!

*She can stand and pull up on this all by herself
*She eats her food by herself, no not her regular food, just things she can pick up
*She can clap her hands
*She now has one of her two front teeth, I was afraid they would never come in
*She loves her brothers, she crawls into their room and she will sit in there forever and watch and play with them
*She loves music
*She loves to dance
*She has develop a fear of animals and people/places she doesn't know

Please excuse Jaxon in his underwear, he had just gotten out of the shower and this picture is priceless. Lexi loves her brothers so much.

Lexi got her first pair of cowgirl boots and YES they are pink!!! They are a little too big right now, she has such teeny feet, she doesn't even fit into a size 2 yet.

This little girl is really good at throwing a fit!

She really is so much fun despite all the girly fits and knowing she is the PRINCESS! She has everyone wrapped around her little fingers and we love her so much.


Family Fun

WHO ELSE CANNOT WAIT FOR WARM WEATHER???? I am tired of my kids being locked up in the house and causing lots of trouble. I would rather them run around outside, play in the dirt and have fun. So I decided I was not going to spend a rainy day inside and got the kids and Hubby out. We went bowling at Sparetime in Roy and we had a good time.