Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our to do list for Texas

When I first thought about moving to Texas, the thoughts that came to my head were "What are we going to do in Texas?"  "They don't have mountains!"

Well....there is a TON to do in Texas and I'm hoping by making a list of the things we want/will do, will help us adjust better to all these changes.

So in NO particular order.

Dallas Cowboys Game
Nascar Race
Rangers game
Galveston (the beach)
Six Flags
Sea World
Science Museum
Billy Bob's Country Club
Kimball Art Museum
Botanical Gardens
Fort Worth Water Gardens
Dallas Museum of Art
Hurricane Harbor
Fort Worth Zoo
Dallas Zoo
Grapevine Vintage Railroad
JFK Tribute
Kimball Art Museum
Rahr and Son Brewing Company
Texas Civil War Museum

This is just a start of what we want to do.  There are so many thing we don't even know about.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bridgeport - Northwest OHV Park

Bob has been asking since we got here where all these dirt roads are that are in country songs.  I laugh, he thinks that all the country songs are about Texas...not true.  But I was guaranteed to find one to make him feel better about where we are.  So I searched the internet and all and BINGO...found this and we had a blast.

Its privately owned, only opened on the weekends and its $25.00 to get in, but you can spend ALLLL day there.

We seriously had the time of our life and listening to my kids laugh so hard was worth every bit of yelling and screaming in the car to get there, because our car is NEVER quiet....LOL

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Missing my normal

So many times during my preparation of moving I wondered how this would all work out.  I wondered how I would find a new normal, how everything would work out, how bad would I miss my family and how my kids would adjust.

Well this isn't easy.  Its hard, its indescribable and at times I've wanted to pack everything up and move back home.  I miss my normal, I miss my everyday routine, I miss knowing where everything was, who everyone was surrounding me, where I was going and who my kids were around.  I miss it all.  I miss my Mom, my Dad, my Sister, my Best Friend, my works friends and everyday Utah life. 

Its sad, I never thought I'd miss Utah.  I wanted out of there so bad, but now I want back all the things Utah has.  I want my weekday talks with my bestest work friend Cara, I miss my Friday lunch dates with my best friend Misty and sweet little Tess, I miss my Saturday dates with my Sister shopping all day until we couldn't shop anymore, I miss my kids having their Aunt RIGHT THERE, I miss talking about nail polish and finding new colors even though we know we need no more, I miss seeing my Mom, knowing she is okay with my own eyes, I miss having talks with my Dad and laughing over something the boys did.  I just miss it.  The missing will never go away, I know this.  Its my choice to be happy and look to the future, but its so hard when everything I want in my future and kids memories are 1400 miles away. 

Texas is not Utah.  There are 5 thousands freeways here, compared to 1 that took us home and to everywhere else I needed to go.  Target is NOT SUPER TARGET and there is a big difference.  Old Navy in Texas doesn't feel like Old Navy in Utah.  Humidity can be felt here even if its only 5%.  Bugs are HUGE and I mean HUGE here.  They have flying ANTS, no joke.  There are more hawks here than birds.  I haven't seen a single seagle since I've been here.  You can see the horizon come up and when the sunsets you can still see the line for awhile after, its beautiful, but its not my Utah Mountains.  There are turtles in canals here, I never seen a turtle in Utah except at the zoo.  When it rains here, its a complete down pour and the streets look like its been raining for days.  Texas doesn't believe in left hand turns unless at a light.  If you want to go somewhere on the left side of the road, you have to make a U turn and then turn right.  The schools here, well they're HUGE.  The high schools look like colleges and the elementary looks like a high school.  Construction is EVERYWHERE, you can't avoid it, no matter how hard you try.  There are lakes here, but people have homes all around them, so you can't go to the beach.  There is a Starbucks on every corner, kind of like an LDS church in Utah.  There are no such things as short cuts.  If you think your taking a short cut, you aren't and you add 20 mins to your drive. 

So many adjustments to be made.  But then there are so many things to do.  I'm excited to discover new things, just wish I had a few more people here to share in the adventure.  Until the, I'll post all the pictures I want on Facebook and try to convince them to move...LOL

Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Weekend

Our weekend was perfect, it was just wanted I needed to feel somewhat refreshed and ready to attack another week.  I have 2 and half week until spring break and I can't wait for a full week off with my kids and a nice surprise visit from someone.  YAY!!!!


I got off around 11, headed home, took Lex to lunch and then made a trip to Target.  A normal Friday routine.  After we headed home to wait for the boys and get freshened up.  Headed up to Keller to meet up for Dinner with my Grandparents and their friends.  We wen to Cheddar's, its really good.

This sweet lady is my Grandma and Grandpa's friend Ida (now our friend and Lex best friend), she is sweet as sweet comes.  She reminds me so much of Lex, full of sass and life.  She is 88 years old, has been married for 73 years to her 93 year old Husband.  They are amazing and I could learn so much from them.  Ida has a thing for dolls and has over 400 dolls in her house.  She brought Lex a doll and one day this doll will mean more to Lex than she knows.  Ida just thinks the world of Lex and I love watching these two talk.

Bob wasn't able to join us for dinner, he had to work late.  After dinner we headed back home and the boys left to spend the night with my grandparents and I hung out with Lex until she passed out on me.


We slept in....well until 8am, that's sleeping in for us.

Boys went to a movie with Grandpa and Grandma.  Bob, Lex and I headed to go shopping until we dropped.  We went to Hulen Mall down near downtown Fort Worth.  Checked out many stores and then hit up Costco.

Bob and Lex were shopped out, so we headed home, then decided to go back out and head to Rack Room Shoes where I got me some NEW BOOTS.

We then headed home, grilled some steak and relaxed.  Kids and I watched Nemo.


We got up early and went for a bike ride.  Bob is determined to get Lex to ride her bike with no training wheels, but Lex just isn't ready.

After the bike ride and the park, we headed to check on my Grandma who had a pretty bad accident the day before and ended up in the ER.  Thank goodness she is okay.  After we hit up Walmart and then headed back home to relax for the day. 

Bob tried out his new mower and the rest of us sunbathed.

Lex was determined not to nap, I normally make her nap every Sunday, because she doesn't all weekend and by the time Sunday night hits she is pretty crabby.  Somehow she won, I took a nap and she bugged Daddy.

So this little girl passed out really early while the boys and I watched movies and hung out.

Monday (today):

We got up and got ready, headed out the door to go check out things.  Bob and I both had the day off with all the kids.  This was just what we needed.

We headed towards Downtown Fort Worth, looking to check out the Water Gardens, but the wind was horrible and we decided to come back another day.

We then headed to Lake Worth, where we checked out the lake, not really much to see since the lake is surrounded by houses and private property.

After this we headed to lunch at Braum's, then out to check out this Nature Center my Grandpa thinks highly of.  It didn't disappoint.

This place was so fun, we didn't even see a fourth of it.  We'll definitely be going back we hiked  trail that was a little over a mile long, the kids did good.  Lex poor little legs had a hard time keeping up and she couldn't make it over some of the big rocks, but she did good for being three.  We seen a turtle, lots of bugs, big bugs, an owl, birds galore and ducks.  It was nice to just be out enjoying the almost 80 degree weather.

And that's our weekend, now its back to reality for another 4 days...