Wednesday, August 31, 2011

OH you make me smile...

I want to remember this week for the rest of my life....well the time before 6:30pm when homework started for Jaxon and he threw a COMPLETE UTTER FIT.

The things I want to remember are these:

1. Ashton on his first REAL day, he woke up and came in the bathroom while I was doing my hair with a BIG giant smile on his face and said "Mom, I am so happy to go to Kindergarten."

2. When I picked Ashton up from my Moms and he immediately ran to the door screaming (because Ashton DOES NOT talk quiet) "Mom, you've gotta see what I did on my first day!" He talked and talked and talked and talked and talked about his first day and I loved every SINGLE minute of it. I truly wish I had it recorded, because NOTHING beats it.

3. Today, he said to me, "Mom, I have a friend thats in a wheelchair." and he sweetly declared his name. Seriously, I had a tear run down my face. I love this kid. I love his outlook on life. I love the way everyone is his friend no matter the cirmcustance.

4. When Jax on DAY 3 FINALLY completed his homework without a single tear and said "Well, thats wasn't so bad!" Yes, Jax, my love I have been telling you that for 3 days now.

Somedays I just want to freeze time, it seems like its racing by. Its already September, before we know it the year will be over and we'll be making plans for next year. I still can't believe I have 2 kids in school, someone needs to pinch me.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life with a 2 year old...

I have a very busy two year old and I mean VERY busy. She is protesting naps, passing out anywhere her little heart desires.

This is where she passed out today. This was after a fight to try to get her to her own bed and I finally gave up, looked over 2 mins later and she was GONE.

This is her face today. I actually thought it would look worse. She looks like she was in a fight. Her nose hasn't really stopped bleeding, but its not a constant flow, just if she crys, it bleeds.

Its also a constant battle to get this girl to eat. She is picky and I mean picky. I ordered her a grill cheese at Applebee's and she wouldn't even touch it, thats how picky she is. Normally all she eats is cheese, but she doesn't like bread with cheese, she is weird, I'm telling you. I hope this pickiness ends soon, its killing me. I hate trying to figure out what she is going to eat. The only good thing is that she normally eats her meat, she is definately a meat eater.

Life with a two year old GIRL is a struggle, this girl is sassy and try to work her way into the danger zone ALWAYS. She thinks she is the boss and we are working on not laughing and letting her get away with things, because she is acting bad more.

P.S. Still NO word on my camera, I bummed, I cried almost everyday this week. Its hard to realize that it really truly is gone. Good thing I have my other camera, but it just DOESN'T do the job and anyone who has a DSLR knows what I am talking about.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

It never ends...

This cute funny silly little girl...

Looks like this in a matter of hours.

I keep thinking I've seen the worst of it all with my boys, but this girl is 10x worse. She is party monkey, I swear, so another broken nose and a black eye to with it. I'm afraid to take her in public.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sick to my stomach

I feel that maybe writing about this will ease some of my pain. I have been sick to my stomach for 3 solid days, I haven't slept, I am worried, I have a awful feeling and I feel unsafe.

Here is what happen:

My parents came over for a barbecue Saturday, they left around 6, we decided to run to Target, I needed some stuff and just really wanted to get out of the house. I set my camera on the counter before we left, never in a million years did I think that would be the last time I saw it. We were gone 45 mins, thats IT!!!! Came home, the back door and screen door were open, I said to Bob "Someone broke in!" He said "No, the wind blew it open." I blew it off, thought nothing more of it at all. Fast forward to Sunday, got up, we wanted to do something fun for the kids last day of Summer. We thought, Cherry Hill (Closed), Raging waters (expensive), Zoo (Too Hot)....Finally we settled on a picnic and splash pad. We left to get Ash a haircut, I realized I forgot my camera and asked Bob to swing back home. I knew I left it on the counter, but thought maybe Bob moved it. It was no where, we spent 2 hrs searching our house and NOTHING. I knew it wasn't good the minute it wasn't in the place I left it or in the camera holder where Bob ALWAYS puts it. I called Dispatch Non-Emergency and they were here in less than 5 mins. The officer took my report, but here is a scary part. Two weeks ago someone broke into the house next to us that is vacant. I swear someone is living there, its just kind of crazy things happening. The guy cut the screen off, took out the screen and opened the window. Cops verified that someone is indeed staying there or has stayed there. When the cops arrived after our neighbor called, the guy told the cop he was doing yard work (if only you could see this yard, its HORRIBLE!!!) for the bank. Its all ONE BIG LIE. This guy fooled the cops and now its turning to be worse. There have been 6 break-ins in our neighborhood. Cops took the serial # for my camera since I still have the box. I check KSL all day long and craigslist. Then yesterday Jax was talking about his DS and that it was missing, he said "Mom, my DS was right next to your camera." And it was, he was playing it before we left for Target. I don't know what else is missing, this is all I know so far. But I am scared and so are my kids. I told Bob we will have a security system installed or I am buying a gun. Ashton cried all last night, I tried to reassure him that everything will be okay, but I am scared too. No one should have to feel this way ever and its the sickest feeling in the world. Someone, I wish I knew who, walked into my house and stole MY things that I have worked hard for, not them. So friends, lock your doors and be safe, this world is kind of crazy.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A day of many firsts...

This boy has joined the school fun. I can't believe it. Ashton's Kindergarten teacher is Mrs. Porter, I'm excited for him, she sounds way awesome. Bob and I were talking about how he was just a baby and now he is this 5 year old boy with an imagination that runs wild. This boy is so fun, he has the funniest personality and he keeps me rolling. I definately shedded some tears. It scares me to send my kids out into the world, its a cruel world and I want to protect my kids always. Happy first day of school Ashton, as I told you last night, today was the first day of the rest of your life. This is when life truly my opinion.

And this cute boy, he started second grade, but what I can't figure out is why he seems so grown up, I looked at him sitting in his desk and I couldn't help but cry again. He went from this happy go lucky baby and toddler to this grown up kid. He was really excited for second grade, but really misses his teacher from last year, she was pretty amazing. He has Mrs. Williams and she sounds amazing.

So proud of my boys and who they are today. I am excited for this school year, I think its going to be great. We have 3 year until Lexi starts, so I think were good for a bit.

And then, Lexi had a first today....

This little girl had her first dentist appt, surprisely she did amazing. I thought I had traumatized her forever with all the doctor visits she has had in her life. But she shocked me and she has NO CAVATIES. My boys, well thats a whole other story.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last Day of Summer Break

Well the end of summer couldn't of ended worst. Our house was broke into last night and my camera was stolen. I am so upset. I finally have myself calmed down enough, but I feel sick to my stomach and I don't feel safe at all.

But I knew I couldn't ruin my kids last day of summer, so we headed for a picnic and to play at the splash pad.

We still managed to have fun even though I am so sick to my stomach and worried. I can't believe this is what the world has come to, people stealing from other people who have worked so hard for the stuff they have. Trust is huge and I don't TRUST anyone.

So its back to school tomorrow, I'm sad, my middle one is starting school, he is a big time Mama's boy and I'm going to be a mess. But he is excited. And Jax is going to second grade.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to school...

I can't believe it, this summer has flown by. And this year I have two kids going to school. Its pretty stressful getting them ready and all that stuff. I am pretty much done minus a few things here and there, but all the major things are done.

Backpacks, I got these awhile ago from Old Navy, I love them and so do the boys. My boys have never really been into the animated backpack character people or whatever they are. But I'm afraid that will change with Lex, she isn't giving Dora up anytime soon and the newest is Strawberry Shortcake.

Shoes, I got a screaming deal. As I have said before I am ALL about coupons. So I was sent a $10.00 off JCpennys card, the shoes ended up being $25.00 a piece, they are Sketchers and were normally 65.00. I got two pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of socks for $60.00 all together. I love sweet deals.

Pens for Mommy to sign Tuesday folders, reading charts and all the other fun things and Pencils for the boys for homework. I am dreading this, I love not having to fight with my kids about homework or worry about early bed times and getting everything ready the night before. I love being able to say, "Yes Jax, you can wear your flip flops and Ash, just don't worry about shoes." So this is going to be hard to get back into a normal routine, but I know we can do it.

So Happy Back to School!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Island Park Day 4 and coming home...

We really didn't have anything planned this day, nobody was sure what they wanted to do, so we played it by ear and decided to raft the river this time.

Lexi in her own world, she is a busy busy busy girl. Into everything, I have to watch her closely.

We went to Mack's Inn, rented a raft and we brought our tubes. The plan was that my Mom, Bob, Lindsey and all the kids would ride the raft and my Dad and I would tube down, while Phil was in his pontoon boat, but we switched off the whole way down.

While rafting down we ran into this (these pictures are from Phil's phone. A Mommy Moose and her baby, not very old according to Phil. It was heaven, a little scary, but the coolest thing ever.

We went back, showered up and relaxed for the evening.

We had s'mores and Lex fell asleep in my Mom's arms for the second night in a row.

We hit the bed early, we were all exhausted.

And today we woke up early, Bob, Lexi and I left at 7:30am and got home a little after noon.

Lex fell asleep 20 mins before we hit our drive way. I was hoping it would've been sooner, but nope.

I can't wait until next year, hopefully a lot less drama and somewhere new, like LAKE POWELL (thats the plan right now).

West Yellowstone/Yellowstone Day 3

We got up, ate breakfast and got ready to head to YELLOWSTONE.

Entering one of my favorite places. I have so many memories of this place. I have seen all of Yellowstone, thanks to my parents. I love it there, I love the view, the wildlife and everything. Everytime I enter those booth, it takes me back to being a kid. I remember We use to write down all the license plates from other states, we use to see who could see the most animals. It fun to think about the memories of growing up.

We didn't see any animals coming into the park where it splits to go to Mammoth or Old Faithful, I was shocked, we almost always see a Buffalo coming in. But we didn't.

We stopped at the first rest area and visitors center and walked around.

We then took the scenic drive to fire hole river and it was shut down due to the water being so high. We always have stopped there and swam, so it was kind of weird to see it shut down. But safety comes first.

And shortly after turning onto the road, we seen this, a Mama Elk and her baby. Seriously, it was neat.

And we seen this there also, she was just laying in the grass eating.

We then arrived at Old Faithful and talk about NIGHTMARE, this place was a zoo, I have never in my life of going to Yellowstone seen so many people at Old Faithful. It took us 30 mins to park and it was insane. We got ice cream and waited for Old Faithful to go off. Bob, my Dad, Jaxon, Phil, Jase, Miranda and Justin had went on a hike to Old Faithful and arrived about 10 mins after we got to the lodge. This was a two mile hike and they almost beat us there.

We watched Old Faithful errupt and headed out of there.

We stopped at one of the hot pots, I can't remember the name, but we walked around the loop, it was windy and the steam off the pots was hot.

We watched this Osprey dive into the water and get a fish, it was pretty neat.

We left this little girl back with Grandpa to hang out. And after headed back to West Yellowstone to go to our favorite pizza place. Wild West Pizzeria, seriously best pizza ever.

The kids wanted to spend the $20.00 I gave them, because it was burning a MASSIVE hole in their pockets.

Boys, I swear they're from another planet.

Ashton finished off his Aunt Miranda's pickles and we relaxed for the evening.