Saturday, January 29, 2011

20 Months old

This little girl is so full of life. She is so different from my boys. She is fiesty, independent, Energetic and a total DIVA. She is so smart and amazes me everyday.

At 20 months:

*Says many words, some new ones though...Cup, go bye-bye, See, go outside, play, mine, oh wow, me princess, k (thats her favorite), Melmo (Elmo, Stinky, eat, milk, cookie and my favorite "Shake shake your boo" (Shake shake your booty!). She learned it from a TV show.

*She is almost potty trained, if I put a little more heart and soul into it, she would be done. But the truth is, is that its me, not her, I don't want her to grow up.

*She can dress her self, socks, boots and all.

*She loves to play, she has an imagination that runs wild and I love it.

*She still loves to snuggle with her Mommy.

*She is in 18-24 month cloths, they need to make a 20 months instead of 24 months.

*She has the teeniest feet, wearing a size 4 and I hate it. I wish she was a 5, but their simply too big.

*She will tell us when she is ready for bed and normally its between 7:30 and 8pm.

*She will sleep until 7am if her brothers let her.

*She hates anything green to eat, she WILL NOT eat green beans, peas, broccerli, lettuce or anything green, its hilarious, I try to hide it and she won't eat it.

*She loves bananas, cookies, crackers, milk, raisins, meat of all kinds and corn.

*She is still getting ear infections even since tubes and has NEVER passed a hearing test.

*She loves to be outside

*She is still a Mama's girl big time

*She gives kisses and hugs all the time

*She loves to dance and I can't wait to put her in dance.

*She idolizes her brothers so much even though they want nothing to do with her.

*She gets into everything, make-up, toilet paper and all. I never had to worry about that with my boys.

I love this age, truly I do. She is learning something everyday. She makes us smile and gives us a good laugh. I can't believe she is almost 2.

Friday, January 28, 2011

My crazy life

I have barely had time to breath the last two weeks, let alone take pictures, do anything fun, sit down on the computer for 10 minutes or ANYTHING.

We have had a lot happen....and I mean A LOT.

First, we bought the Suburban, everything seemed fine until we took it for safety and emissions and they told us that it had a hole in the gas tank. We thought, key word THOUGHT it would be nothing big. Well we THOUGHT WRONG. Again, we THOUGHT we would save ourselves $500.00, YES $500.00 and replace the tank ourselves. So my Dad and Bob spent two very long days working on it. Everything went so smoothly that it didn't seem right and well it wasn't. So the truck wouldn't start and it wouldn't start and the next day it wouldn't start. SO.....Yes, we had to tow it with my Mom's Jeep to a place around the corner from us....SCARY!!! After two snaps in the tow rope and one scary moment, we made it safe and sound. Guy said the most it would cost OUT THE DOOR so that includes labor, parts and all was $754.00. I know I cringe too, I hate spending money like that especially on cars. I would have love to say I went on a cruise or I went to Disney Land, but nope I went to Firestone. So he calls us and when my Dad and Bob put in the gas tank they crushed the gas line, so the engine was getting no fuel. So....this is where it gets good. We leave the car there Saturday and Sunday, they will have it ready on Monday. Bob goes to pick it up and he said the total was $1308.00. You can imagine Bob's face and how pissed off he was. But Bob put up a good fight and got the total to $816.00. So $3000.00 later and we are driving a truck FINALLY! It feels like heaven to be driving your own car again. My Mom gave up her Jeep for 3 weeks, we took her back and forth to work, we took Ash to school and back 2 times a week and I had crazy schedules at work to work around everything. But it all worked out..AGAIN!!!

SO....Monday after picking up our truck we think were doing good right. Truck is fixed has a whole new gas system, new gas tank, new gas line, new pump and new gas filter. Well our water heater in our house decides to give us trouble, there is no hot water in my shower AT ALL, but everywhere else in the house is fine. But I took a hot shower on Monday with no problems. So Bob spends a couple of hours trying to figure it out....and NOTHING. After cold showers all week, I had had it and I start googling and asking around. Call my Dad to come over even though I have asked him for a million things in the last two weeks. But he does and BOb and him spend 2 more hours blowing our hot water lines to my shower and all this nasty crap comes out and I have more water pressure now then I did before. So I spent an hour in the shower taking it all in. Again, it all worked out and this time I spent $0.00 and it felt good.

So I am hoping I can catch a break, I really need one. I want to take pictures of my kids tomorrow, they are growing up fast. Lexi is talking up a storm and hopefully I will have tons of pictures in the next post.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh, the joys a box brings to....

My THREE CHILDREN. Had I known that a box would entertain them for hours on end, I would've found one for christmas and wrapped it up. It was like Christmas when they seen the box.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The newest member of our family

She was born in 1993 and has had 2 owners. She is green, HUGE, has 8 seats, in pretty good condition, has 4 wheel drive, sounds like a BEAST, which is why I named her "THE BEAST". I am in love if only we could drive her now, but we have had a minor set back on getting her up and running, she has a rusty gas tank and it has to be replaced, but no worries, the new one is on its way and she will be good in NO TIME.

So here she is....sorry not the best pictures. All I can think about is NO CAR PAYMENT!!! I hate car payments and think they're a waste, I would much rather waste my money on something else, so we will drive this Beast until she is not driveable.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Sunday

FYI: These pictures suck, I left my Canon at home and am regretting it now. So enjoy the red eye and blurry pics....LOL!!!

I swear this kid is going to be a BASKETBALL player, he loves basketball.

My boys in a car I can't remember

In a Land Rover, Daddy wants this car.

And he wants this one too.

The Chevy Colorado, we use to have one so the boys HAD to sit in it.

And again.

Jax in the back of a Toyota, Ash didn't dare climb up there.

I loved the color of this truck, seriously it was amazing!

My truck, someday when my kids are all grown up and I don't have to worry about feeding them, I will have this.

My Mom has a green Jeep, but these two were amazing, I think I am in love.

Proof that little girl was there, but I didn't dare let her out of her stroller, too many people.

Duh Mom, we have to have a picture by the GREEN car, not only because Uncle Justin works for Mazda, but because its green.

Jax and Ash were drooling over these cars and had to have another picture by them.

After we left the car show we went to The Mayan, I love this place and my kids thought we were at Disney Land, although they didn't eat, they sat on the rock and watched the divers the whole time. It was fun and a perfect Sunday!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My crazy life

My new hair!!! YES, it makes me feel so good to get my hair done.

I have been so bad lately, I haven't taken any pictures, I haven't really done anything except car shop and talk to lawyers. Yes, my life is fun. I promise that there will be a fun post before this weekend is over.

Now that I am calmed enough to talk about it. I will. I am still thinking of the whole private thing, because honestly I don't post one thing on this blog that is that private, but we will see.

So to make a long story short and without going into full detail, NEVER EVER trust someone who you think is your best friend, but is doing sneaky things. Like using their company card to purchase items that shouldn't be purchased, asking for money all the time, making up lies about why their Husband is forclosing on all their homes and is having to shut down their business. I feel like I am going to be fine. I have nothing to hide, but I am still shocked and hurt. I will get through it though. Just as I have gotten through everything else.

So some good news....we got a car and I WILL HAVE NO CAR PAYMENT. Yes, I said that! We found a GMC Suburban in our price range and it has one hopefully minor problem and we should be good to go. I will get a pic of it soon. Its older and I realize there may be problems, but it totally beats a car payment every month. I am excited about it and feel like 50lbs lifted off my shoulders.

Stay tuned....we will be doing something tomorrow and Monday.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Attention anyone who reads my blog

Sorry friends, I have to do. I have become a victim of identity theft and can't go any further, so yes, I am going private. So even if you read my blog and don't comment and didn't proovide your email address last time or have changed email address, please send me your new one and I will make sure it gets deleted after I have it. Can my year get any worse? HONESTLY!!!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dear 2011

You promised you would be good to me, I had many things to look forward to and this crisis was not on my list as I recall. You looked good anyway! I figured I worked hard enough last year to pay off for the next couple of years, but I guess not. This is why I am getting $1500.00 for my car instead of $2300.00. This is why you made me accidently dial 911 when I should've been calling a rental place only to make a cop show up at my house because I had no clue I called 911. This is why you have made me stress so badly that I have cryed my eyes out for 3 hrs straight. You also had to just had to add my cyst bursting on top of all this and make it so that a surgery is in my near future. And REALLY you had to add me not being able to get a rental same day because nope we aren't in 2011, you have to make reservations in advance, there is no such thing as "LAST MINUTE". Really I would take back the 10 days of HELL and start over if you'd let me. I don't like you right now and I am not sure I want to continue on these terms. So I say as of TODAY, yes January 10th, 2011, we start over. Happy New year and we can be friends again....right.


Your could be new friend, Sierra

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good-bye Hoopty

Yesterday Bob was in a car accident. A girl t-boned him and he did a 360. It was scary for me, because when I called Bob he sounded like he had just ran a marathon. I am counting my blessings more, because it could've been worse and if any of my kids were in the car, they more than likely would've been hurt.

This is how Bob landed after doing his 360.

Bob and I got the "hoopty" Ford Escort when things were rough, it was $500.00 and runs perfectly, the interior looks brand new and the outside was in good shape. It got us back and forth to work for a year and now its going to car heaven. I am sad mostly for Bob because he loved the car, but also because noe we have to find a car and have a car payment. Bob and I have worked so hard to get all of our bills paid off so we can live life and BAM!! But we are at a point in life where we feel that its okay to have a car payment. My fear is that something may happen and thats whay I am afraid of. So I guess its car shopping for us and WELCOME to the NEW YEAR!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well I made it....that is to MIDNIGHT. First time in 7 years!

We brought in the New Year all together...

Ashton really fell asleep on the stairs, how uncomfortable. But I woke him up 5 minutes before midnight because he was looking forward to blowing the horns for a week.

We played cards, ate, played more cards, laughed, ate more and laughed more, nothing better then brining in the New Year with all your Family and close friends.

My plans for 2011...Finish my un-finished projects like painting the kitchen, painting all the base boards, getting my boys room organized, finish both bathrooms and most importantly....HAVE FUN!!!