Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Weekend

Holidays were so hard in Texas.  I dreaded them and hated them.  I spent Easter last year in tears.  It was a hard day.  The first actual Holiday I was gone.  I felt lost and I remember it was March and March was hard for us. 

Now looking back, I wish I would've clung to God a little bit more.  I was still trying to figure out my relationship with him.  I remember I went to church that day and after that I day I only missed church 1 or 2 times up until I left to head back to Utah where I have only missed twice since returning and both were due to sickness.

I realize now, that God can bring you through anything and he never leaves you.  I realize that clinging to him is the best thing ever.  He is #1 in my life.  I owe so much to him.

So this Easter meant more to me.  It wasn't about bunnies or eggs or treats or Easter dinner, it was about celebrating the resurrection of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The one who paid the price for ME.  The one who I look up to, want to be like and love.

We had a great BUSY weekend.

How can we not thank the Lord for all he has provided us.  The beauty surrounding us, the joy of being with family and the freedom to be able to enjoy life.  Praise God!!!

Lex Random outfits

This girl never ceases to amaze me.  She is full of it. 

Bob inside after walking out and said "Sierra, what is your daughter wearing?"  As far as I knew she was wearing her clothes put on her that morning....NOPE.

And that Monday she ended up bringing the bathing suit to Grandmas and I received this picture.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Break

Spring Break was short this year and I didn't like it.  Normally we plan a vacation and this year the kids only got two days.  So Bob and I still took it off anyway to hang out with the kids and it was much needed.

Friday, we got up and went to breakfast at Sill's Café in Layton.

Friday Night we had dinner with friends and celebrated Amy's Birthday.
Saturday:  We had a bowling event for my Dad's Motorcycle club up on Hill Air Force Base.  It was super fun and the kids all bowled too.

Poor Daisy is harassed all the time by the 4 year old

Sunday:  We had church and then relaxed and watched movies all day, it was nice to have a "WHAT THE HECK!" day
Monday: we ran errands and then later that night we went to FAMILY NIGHT at Crystal Hot Springs.  I had never been and it was fun.

Tuesday: we did stuff around the house and it snowed, so we stayed in all day.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oh my ASH

This boy.  OH man.  He has the biggest heart, but is my most stubborn of the three.  He plays a lot of back and forth games and at times I have to remind myself that I'm the adult and HE is the child.

I love him though.  He is so full of life.  Recently started piano and is loving it.  He is determined to make a living doing something music and I said GO FOR IT!!

He is busy and always on the go.  Riding his scooter, rip stick, bike and playing around like a monkey.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My oldest

I can't believe in less than 2 months I'll have a 10 year old.  Why does it seem like I was just 10 and now I have a 10 year old.  NOT RIGHT!!

This boy is growing up before my eyes.  Somedays I wish I could the world through his eyes.  We've been through a lot with Jaxon.  A lot that I don't talk about.  I pray daily for God to give me the strength to do provide what Jaxon needs in life.

Back at the beginning of January, we went through a full days worth of testing to figure out some of what is going on in Jaxon's head.  The result in some ways were shocking and in others weren't.  Jaxon is EXTREMELY smart.  A little too smart for his own good actually.  He has an IQ of 131, only 2% of people in the world fall into this category.  I knew he was intelligent, but I didn't know that intelligent.

We've had our battles with Jaxon.  Its been hard at times and at times I've wanted to just get in the car and drive far away.  But that wouldn't be the ideal thing to do.  Nor would it benefit anyone. 

Jaxon was officially diagnosed with Asperger along with a few other things.  Having this diagnosis has given us hope for the future.  Because we've also been able to work with a psychologist and get the help that Bob and I need as parents.

We want the best for Jaxon.  We want to be able to provide him with the tools he needs to succeed in life.  There is no handbook for how to deal with kids and EVERY child is different.

I feel like we are FINALLY on the right track to providing Jaxon with the parenting he needs.

This boy has a huge heart.  Right now he is growing up so fast that I hate it.  He offers me advice on things and I'm not sure I'm loving it.  LOL  He knows technology better than the back side of his hand. 

Jaxon is doing great in school.  He is pretty bored most of the time, but he continues to do good.

We just take it one day at a time and each day is a new day.