Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Boys Summer in Utah Part 3

I can't even describe how much I miss my cute boys.  Most days I can't think about it, because my heart hurts.  I love my kids more than anything.  They are my world and having them in Utah and Us here, has been sooooo hard for me. 

Its kind of hard to talk about them coming home also, because I know my family is going to struggle bad when they leave.  We have solid plans to go to Utah next June for atleast a week and a half, but we don't know if that'll be the next time we see them or what.  I know my boys are also going to struggle, they've been in Utah for over a month now enjoying time with they people that they missed for 6 months.

Midweek Randoms

Bob and I have been working 2 different shifts for about 3 weeks now.  Its crazy, in the 10 years we have been married we have pretty much commuted work together unless one of us was off or it was a Friday, since Fridays are my short day.

Bob got a new job and had to work 8-5, thankfully that is changing in the middle of August and we'll be working together again.  No more wasting 400.00 a pay period on gas.

Also, Lexi is starting a new place for daycare in August.  She'll be going to a friends house.  How thankful I am that I don't have to worry about Lex.

Hopefully things will settle down after the boys get home in August also and I'll feel like a normal person.  I'm ready to get through this first year of being away from home.  I'm not looking forward to the Holidays, when I think about them, I cry.  Last night I had a good hour cry when I finally had to give myself a pep talk.  I know I am here for a reason, God knew this is what I needed and that is why I am here.

We have been pretty busy, its not the hottest summer yet in Texas, but its HOT.  Well atleast this Utah girl thinks so.  We are having fun showing Avery around.  She only has 14 days left and I have 21 days until my boys come home.  Bittersweet!!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch

Been trying to find things to do and Groupon had a still for this ranch.

All of 4 for $20.00, can't beat that.

We were very impressed.  The animals were very well taken care of, the staff was friendly and very knowledgeable.  We had a great time, I can't wait to take the boys there.