Friday, October 30, 2009

Trunk or Treat

We went to the church for the trunk or treat tonite. It was fun, I have never been before, but I am VERY impressed. We got served dinner, Baked potatoes, salad and of cousre dessert. After we all passed out candy. The kids got lots of candy and we had a blast!!!

First cookie AKA Biter biscuit

This little girl is teething big time and she is ONE FUSSY GIRL!! I don't remember my boys being so fussy, but wow, she is quite the fussy one. So I decided so that I could do something to give her a biter biscuit and she was entertained for about an hour and a HUGE mess. But oh so cute!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Leaves and YUP, she is a thumb sucker

We have a bazillion leaves in our yard, funny thing, we have no trees except a pine tree. So yesterday we decided to get them up before the snow hits. Yeah, we spent 2 hours out there and there are still leaves. Ash loved helping, he had a blast. Jaxon on the other hand was having a meltdown. Love my kids, oh and Lexi was asleep, where I wish I was.

Yup, your seeing right my little girl is a thumb sucker, she has given up on binkys and she just likes her thumb. I think its cute, is that bad of me? Maybe its because my boys never liked their binky or thumb and I never had to deal with taking it away from them. I am thinking I may be in trouble, what do you think?

Friday, October 23, 2009

No more quaranteens for us....hopefully!!!

So to say this has been a long week is an understatement. I am done with fevers, coughing, tummy aches, no sleep, Tamiflu, therometers and most of all worrying. Ash is doing tons better, he has gone 3 days now feeling really good. He hasn't had a fever since 12:32am on Wednesday. He has his apetite back somewhat, he is alot more active now and he is ornery, which means he is better. He gave me quite the scare, but I am thankful that it wasn't as bad as it could've been. I NEVER ever thought in a million years that any of my kids would get it, well I was wrong. Jaxon stayed with Grandma and Grandpa for the week, not only because he goes to school in Layton, but also because I didn't want him sick. He normally does pretty good with not getting sick, so I am hoping it stays that way. So I have sanitized my house, washed sheets, bed spreads, door knobs, light switches, vaccumed, dusted, sprayed everything down with lysol and washed my hands fifty million times. Hopefully my house is done with this nasty crap and we can enjoy the rest of the year not being sick.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stupid Swine Flu

I hate swine flu, I am on my second week out of work because of it. Ash has it now, he has it bad though. He has been down for 3 days straight, doesn't want to eat, is very clingy and basically sleeps a lot. He slept more than he was awake yesterday. On Monday he wasn't that bad, he had no tempature just a nasty cough and I hadn't felt great myself, so I stayed home and we lounged. Then Tuesday I went to work and got a call at 9:30, his temp was 100.9, by the time we got to the doc it was 101.8, so he wasn't doing good,they diagnosed him with swine flu after checking and making sure it wasn't strep. He came home at 12 and slept until 6 last night, got up for about 30 mins and went back to sleep for another 2 hours and then woke up to go to the bathroom and went back to sleep until midnight when he came in my room crying that he hurt. I checked his tempature and it was a 102.3, gave him some Motrin, tucked him in bed and he slept until 7:30 this morning when he came in my room with a tummy ache and threw up all over (SORRY TMI). Poor guy is miserable, he then slept from 8 until 12 today and now he has been awake for about an hour cuddling with me and watching cartoon network. I hate seeing my kids sick, it breaks my heart. The bad thing is that Ashton was treated with Tamiflu two weeks ago when Lexi had it, but he still got it. Other bad thing is that Bob had to go to 4 different places just to find the Tamiflu, I was beginning to get really sick when he called me for the third time and said they didn't have it. But we got it and he is taking it and will hopefully be better before this weekend.

P.S. I had to throw in a cute picture of him, because I love his cute face and sometimes I just stare in amazement that he is mine forever.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family Pictures

My good friend Sunset took our pics yesterday. With all the fighting and bribing with Ash and him still not wanting to listen I didn't think we would have one with us all looking, well they all turned out great and even if Ash is making weird faces it will be a good memory. I love them. Lexi is at that cute giggly stage and she was in a really good mood. Thanks to my sis Miranda for getting her laugh out loud by being crazy. Love them!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

God doesn't give us more than we can handle...

I heard that phrase a hundred times when we went through our nightmare this Summer. But I believe it more now than I ever have. I am not a very religious person, I don't follow any religion, I do believe and I do pray and I have read the bible. But now more than ever do I believe that my Husband is here for a reason and someone knew that he needed to be here. I feel blessed! Its amazing how struggles can bring out the best in you, truly! I am now part of a group for heart babies and heart adults, I follow some magnificent stories and read of miracles everyday.

I am not sure many people know what Bob's diagnosis was, it was Tetroly of Fallot, its something your born with, not something you just get. Technology back when Bob was born isn't as high tech as it is now, had Bob had surgery back then he probably wouldn't be here. Doctors didn't even diagnose him right, do I blame them, NO and the reason, because like I said technology wasn't like it is now. But it is a TRUE miracle that Bob is a live. Babies still are dying to see this day from this disease. One little girl I read on and I promise to find her blog again since its not on my list had 4 surgeries and she unfortunately passed away, its heart breaking. But God has a plan for everyone, whether its here on earth or not.

So what is Tetrology of Fallot?

Tetralogy of Fallot is classified as a cyanotic heart defect because the condition causes low oxygen levels in the blood, which leads to cyanosis (a bluish-purple coloration to the skin).

The classic form of Tetralogy includes 4 defects within the heart structures:

Ventricular septal defect (hole between the right and left ventricles)
Narrowing of the pulmonary outflow tract (tube that connects the heart with the lungs)
An aorta (tube that carries oxygenated blood to the body) that grows from both ventricles, rather than exclusively from the left ventricle
A thickened muscular wall of the right ventricle (right ventricular hypertrophy)
At birth, infants may not show the signs of the cyanosis, but later may develop sudden frightening episodes (called "Tet spells") of bluish skin from crying or feeding.

Tetralogy of Fallot is considered rare. Patients with tetraology of Fallot have a higher incidence of major non-heart congenital defects.

The cause of most congenital heart defects is unknown. Multiple factors seem to be involved. Prenatal factors associated with higher than normal risk for this condition include maternal rubella or other viral illnesses during pregnancy, poor prenatal nutrition, maternal alcoholism, mother over 40 years old, and diabetes.

There is a high incidence of chromosomal disorders in children with tetralogy of Fallot, such as Down syndrome and Di George's syndrome (a partial gene deletion that results in heart defects, low calcium levels, and immune deficiency.)

Some of it may not make sense and to me it didn't for a long time. I swear the doctors explained it to me a thousands times. When Bob had all his test done there were no signs of holes and without the holes it couldn't be true tetrology of fallot, so they weren't sure what he had. But when they opened him up, they found not 1 hole, but 3. They were able to close up all but one, which is so small you can't hear it or see it. Amazing!!

So today while seeing the cardiologist who Bob likes to say "saved his life", he advised us that he is writing up Bobs story and going to have it published to a journal or magazine. Basically Bob is going to be famous. Its a condition rarely seen in adults that haven't had surgery or anything. My Husband is a walking miracle! I am so glad he is here, I can't imagine my life without him. It gives me goosebumps to think of everything that we have overcame in the last 3 months, but WE DID IT!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Five months

I say this every month and I will probably say it every month and every year. Time flies! I find it so hard to believe she is already 5 months old. Its just nuts and yet everyday she continues to amaze me. She is my little fighter. She fights like no one I have ever seen before. She brings a smile to my face and makes me proud to be her Mom. I love her to pieces and pieces, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for her and I hope she knows that and if not right now, one day she will.

Lexi has had an eventful month and here are some things about my little girl:

1. She started solids and boy is she a PICKY eater. The girl only likes Carrots, Applesauce, pears and occasionally sweet potatoes. She won't eat rice, only oatmeal. She loves her oatmeal with anything. She hates Green beans, Peas and squash. I hoping she grows out of this and that we can try them again soon.

2. She rolls everywhere. I will put her in her crib one way and she will be another way when I get her in the morning.

3. She overcame Swine Flu, I say overcame, because many people have died from it. But she is doing very well. She still hasn't had any syptoms and she is my happy girl again.

4. She took on thumb sucking full time, if her thumb ain't in her mouth than food or a bottle is. She loves her thumb and every time I check on her during nap time or bed time its in her mouth. I know I think its cute now, but will I in about 4 months, we will see.

5. She has a very funny personality, she loves to giggle and smile. She talks to herself and its hilarious, except at 3am in the morning when she carries on a conversation and I can hear it over the monitor for an hour. Just kidding, I love it!!!

6. She has grown out of all her newborn and 0-3 month clothes, it makes me sad. I also looked at all her preemie outfits the other day and wondered how she was ever that small, well she was.

7. She holds her head up so good now, she looks everywhere and is always interested in what is going on.

Heart Condition: Nothing has changed, its not closing up, but its not getting worse, I am not sure how to take, if I should take it has good news and be thankful she isn't getting worse or cry because I know that if it doesn't heal, then its surgery. Its a difficult situation and as much as I try not to think about it, it hurts. But for right now, I will enjoy and love my baby girl forever.

Happy 5 Month Birthday my baby girl!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Something new for me...

So a little over a month ago I decided to make photography a new hobby for me. I love taking pictures, and since Bob got me a new camera I love it even more. So I started taking them professionally! I am just getting started and learning so many things. But check out my photography blog and let me know what you think. ALSO, if interested, I am doing 100-120 pictures for $30.00, great deal and so much fun especially with the holidays coming up. I am doing couples, families, children, babies, maternity and engagements.

My blog is

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Black Island Farms

Okay, so that only took an hour and half to download pictures.

But anyways, today we went to Black Island Farms, we had a blast, it was Bobs first time and the rest of us, our second. The kids love this place and though it is expensive, it ends up being worth every penny! We also got to see a baby sheep that was born just yesterday and watch the pig races. Nothing better than a great day with the family!