Saturday, May 21, 2011

Phone pictures part 2

I love these, during the first one I laughed an giggled to myself.

Lexi takes over everything in the house in her own way. I brought this home for her toys, she thought it was a jungle gym.

She ate something that made her face blue.

Finally she isn't crying in the bath tub.

My Dad bought a brand new 2011 Harley and my boys are in LOVE with it.

Another one of our famous "lets pose for a pic Lex" pictures.

Burger King anyone?

I don't cook very often, so when I do, I take pictures of it. I made echiladas. Bob won't make them, because I make them so good.

She may or may NOT be part dog.

Fresh squeezed orange juice and I MEAN fresh squeezed. Thanks to Jack Lalanne (SP?)

Love this picture.

This picture makes me laugh. Lex was being naughty, I told her to stand in the corner and well....she did!

Jaxon's poster for his un-birthday at school due to having a summer birthday.

I still shake my head when I look at this $300.00 thing. This is our 42 gallon gas tank that we had to order back in January.

Yes, this girl has ATTITUDE!!

Another laughing moment.

White bean chicken chili...if you have NEVER had it, I suggest you try it. Way out does regular chili.


Ashton and his music.

OH, the days of her wanting loves are LONG gone, but when she does, I take FULL ADVANTAGE.

Little pigs with nail polish

She is going somewhere.

One of the many reasons I love Utah....the mountains, they are heaven.

Jax was reading them a book, this is my favorite picture.

Grandpa even bought them their own helmet. Can't ride a motorcycle without a helmet, thats the rule.

Another motorcycle ride.

Yes, I made these too, cupcakes in ice cream cones, so good!

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Jaxon's teacher this year. She is amazing and so good to Jax. Jax wrote her a note and she wrote him one back.

My silly daughter, this was the thing for awhile. Strip down to the diaper and put on rain boots with necklaces.

Jax passed out in his bed.

One of the reasons why I HATE Utah, this white stuff, it can stay in the mountains and I will be okay with that.

I was laughing before I downloaded this picture. Bob took the day off and took the kids to breakfast. Well I didn't lay out clothes, so it was quite hilarious.

Jax wrote this on one of his assignments, I laughed so hard about it.

Apparently she is working on her abs too.

I said "Lexi go get shoes" and she came back with her princess dress up shoes. Silly girl!

Aunt Miranda put frosting on her nose and then she put in back on Mirandas and licked it off.

My baby is going to Kindergarten....sad!!

I am working on this...promise!!

And again...

Silly boy.

Ashton at Cafe Rio likes the chips and queso. He eats the pico with a fork and then eats the salsa. Its funny, this kid LOVES hot things.

I believe he got in a fight with a hot wing and lost.

What a great brother to sit and watch Dora with her.

Boys playing air hockey, Lex refereeing.

One of my favorite snacks.

Right after she crashed and hurt her nose. She wanted no but Grandma.

And in the days following her nose.

She was playing one minute and the next was passed out on the funny!!

My blue nail polish, I don't really care for it.

We have a bird nest in our garage, you can barely see the nest in this picture. I am going to get better pics.

And that my friends is all my pics on my phone.

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