Friday, May 20, 2011

Phone pictures part 1

So I didn't realize until I downloaded the pictures from my phone that there were 263 pictures. Thats a lot on 1GB. So that I have them forever, here they are and the story to go with them. This is only part 1, I am going to break this up.

This was last summer, I think Ashton looks rather cute.

Funny story behind this little creature. We (meaning my Aunt and I) wanted to play a joke on my Grandma. So we sent my Sisters boyfriend at the time to by a little dwarf frog, nope he comes back with a toad and it was creepy looking. We scared my Grandma with it, but she seen it coming. It still makes me laugh to this day.

Ashton wanted Lex to ride with him, so she did.
Just one of Ashton's many times of passing out in my bed and I am left there staring at him, doesn't he look peaceful?

Lex with a fat lip and now that I think about it, I can't remember what happened.

One of our many trips to the ER for a breathing treatment. Good thing now we have our own machine and medicine at home. Ashton uses it frequently.

My Son he is a goofball, what can I say!

I had to think about putting this one on here, but its my journal. Jax was working on the E sound and so he was suppose to draw a pencil, well this is his version of a pencil. DO NOT WORRY, before he took it to school I fixed it, but not without laughing about it for MANY MANY hours!

Jaxon's swolen face when he got that weird virus that I can't remember what it was called. I just remember feeling so bad for Jax.

My son telling me "I am Sorry!" on paper of course, thats the way we communicate nowadays.

Lexi sleeping with her cabbage patch from her Great Grandma.

Ashton after his Halloween preschool party, they painted on each others face, kind of funny!


One of our many nights of playing guts, the best game EVER!!!

A minature cup at Starbucks of hot cocoa.

Ashton's lip after his flip on the couch

after stiches

And passed out that night.

My silly boys, I love them.

Our fireplace or pellet stove.

I believe this was New Years game of GUTS!!!

And Lex eating a green cookie which resulted in GREEN EVERYWHERE!!!

I like this picture.

I guess we buy the legos for US to put together.

I love this comic strip with the dogs, it makes me laugh STILL.

The way the car was after Bob was hit by a car in January.

Practice makes perfect right?

Another goofy pic of Lex and I.

And that my friends is it for today....Stay tuned, there is more.


Eric and Jenny said...

I love seeing your phone pictures, make me wish I used mine just so I could do such a fun post.

Love that picture of you and Lex you look beautiful, so does she actually.

Eric and Jenny said...

Oh and good heavens the pencil, oh I had a good laugh over that, in fact I am still laughing!