Monday, August 31, 2009

Jaxons love for his baby sis

This picture no doubt speaks a thousand words. It amazes me how good Jaxon is with his baby sister, he loves her so much! Yesterday I was taking pictures and he was telling her a story, he can talk to her for hours and hours.

I have been talking to Jaxon about the upcoming events, trying to explain to him what could happen, he has gotten sad a couple of times. I feel so bad for my kids, they have been through so much this summer and it breaks my heart. But they have kept me going and strong the whole way. I love them so much!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prepare for the worse, but hope for the best!!!

This week is going to be hard for me, I have tried every way possible to prepare myself for the worse and hope for the best. I have cried for no reason just thinking about what could happen this week. Lexi goes for her meeting with the cardiologist at Primarys on Wednesday, I am anxious to get it over with, but scared to death to find out what the next couple of months may bring. I have prayed that everything will be alright, I have begged that they please just let my baby girl heel on her own. I have prayed that if she does need surgery that she have a fast recovery. I don't think any mother can prepare theirselves for this, but believe me I have tried. So I am asking once again, if you could please pray for my little girl for the best outcome of this whole nightmare. Some miracles have happened in my life and I truly believe one more can. Thanks everyone and I will update what we find out on Wednesday!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lexi & her new doll and a new toy for MOMMY!!!

So Bob bought me this for our anniversary, I got it a week early, but thats alright. I love it! Its perfect and I don't have to worry about taking my kids to some place to get pictures, I can take them myself. Super excited for that. Bob said that with everything we have been through he wanted to give me something that I really wanted and he knew I had been wanting that forever. I am still in shock that I got it and it was a total suprise.

When we were at the store on Friday night Bob got Lexi this doll, well she loves it, except I think she wants to eat it more than anything. Its so cute and so is she.

My boys are gone camping, I feeling lost without them, the house is quiet, food isn't flying out of cabinets and there is no fighting...weird! But I am ready for them to be home. Jaxon starts Kindergarten for good on MOnday, I am super excited for him.

Lexi meets her Great Grandparents

My Grandparents came from Texas two weeks ago. We see them about once a year, my Grandpa is 72 and looks good. He walks about 6 miles everyday and is in really good shape. His wife is my step Grandma, but we consider her to just be our Grandma. My boys love them and we are glad they came to visit. My Grandma, Bonnie is on dialysis right now, she needs a kidney transplant. She is doing really good though and looks really good for everything she has been through.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Jaxon starts Kindergarten

Well I can officially say that the first day of school was a SUCCESS and Jaxon fell in love with school. Last night I was worried, he kept coming in my room saying weird things like "Mom, I really don't need to go to school, there is nothing else I need to learn!" Or "Mom, I don't need anymore friends!" Amazing what a child thinks school is all about. But we got up at 6:45, ate a bowl of cereal, got ready in new clothes and shoes and headed out the door. He looked nervous, but when we got my Moms to drop off Lexi and Ashton, he said "Okay Mom I am ready, lets go!" So off we went, he did so good, he talked to his teacher and told her his name, she asked if he was ready for school and he said "yup, I sure am!" I stood over by the side and he kept looking to see where I was. I got teary eyed, but I didn't cry, I held it together and was just so proud of him. He took off, blew me a kiss and I walked to the parent meeting! I missed him so much, weird because I would normally be at work, I think I was more anxious to find out what he would think than anything. He came out with a smile and I asked how everything went and he said "Mom, I love school, am I going again tomorrow?" Sorry Jax, we have to wait to REALLY start until next week. So proud of him!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bear Lake

****WARNING: Picture overload!!!****

Yesterday we made the LONG ride up through Logan canyon to Bear Lake, I love Bear Lake. We left at 7:45 and arrived before 10am, it was perfect. When we got there, there was nobody there and then 20 mins later, there were about a 100 people there. We had fun though! Played in the sand and water, I think my kids brought half the beach home though.


I realized last night that I haven't updated anything on Bob in a while. Well its because things are getting better. He is returning to work tomorrow...CRAZY!!! Its so weird to think that a month ago Bob was having open heart surgery and now he is almost back to new and even better than before. I took him to get a massage last Thursday because he was in a ton of pain and his hands were twitching, it seemed to help a ton. I believe we made it through this hard time in our lives because of a number of things, we had so many people praying for us. Our journey isn't over, we now begin with Lexi and I am more scared than ever. I look at her sometimes and just cry, because I don't want her to hurt or anything to be done to her. But I also know this is for the best, because it could lead to problems later in life. We still go on September 2nd to Primary Childrens, its going to be one of the hardest days of my life. So thanks everyone who has prayed for us and kept us going. We love you all!