Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A good thing...

Sunday I had given up hope on ever seeing my wallet again or any thing it, I mad arrangements to get my Lisence on Monday and was finally okay with that. Well I get to bed and no kidding at 10pm the doorbell rings and someone bangs, I probably jumped a mile. I get up and look out the top of our door and there is a guy with a white bandana on. Immediately I freak!!! First of all its 10pm and I have no clue who the guy is. I grab Bob and he says answer it. So I do and the guy hands me a stack of my stuff, my drivers lisence, my ss card and a bunch of other stuff, no debit card, credit card or flex card. I am okay with that though because I cancelled it all. I have back the two most important things out of the whole wallet. But I am in complete shock. I must've told the guy a million times thanks. He asked what happened and I told him. He said he would look around for the cash and other stuff. I went to bed that night feeling relieved, it was the best feeling in the world.

Then last night at 7:30pm, the doorbell rings again, its the same guy, by the way, this guy is a construction worker working in Layton right by Antelope where he found my stuff on the freeway. So he comes again, this time with my debit card, credit card and flex card. My cards are mangled, they have clearly been ran over millions of times. But honestly how nice of this guy. I finally get his name.

I feel blessed. At times I think this world is just full of greety, self-centered and dishonest people, but this guy proved to me that, that isn't exactly true. He could've done what he wanted to take away my identity, but instead he chose to do a wonderful thing my returning my stuff. It brings me back to the time I found a wallet in a bathroom stall in the mall. There were cards and cash in it, I took it to the security desk because I knew this was the right thing to do. It wasn't my money that I had worked hard for and someone was probably panicking like me. So this guy I feel has many blessing headed his way. Good things happen to people who do good things, it may not be right away, but its going to happen and I will forever be grateful for this guy.

So I have everything, but the cash and I don't care about it at this point. I told him if he found it to keep it, he deserves way more than that, but he definately deserves the $200.00 for what he did. Everything in that wallet is worth way more than that to me.

So there are good people out there, don't give up!!


Eric and Jenny said...

Oh that is so sweet I love good people. I am so glad you got most of it back, and really like you said sometimes it means more to just know the world is really a good place after all.

Thiago & Teri said...

Well that is quite impressive. You are right there are good people out there. Sometimes it takes bad things for us to see the good. i have been thinking about that lately. Stacey has been receiving so much help for little Faye and it has amazed me at the goodness of people. Nice to see little reminders of that.

The Felds said...

Yayayayaya! I'm so happy for you! It just goes to show that there are still glimpses of great things in the world, even when we feel there is nothing great left! I'm SO glad your most important wallet items were returned!

Don't sweat the text monday morning, my phone was on silent and I saw it when I woke up! No biggie!