Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

We had a really good Halloween, except the rain. BLAH!! The boys wer Ninjas and Lex was a Lady Bug.

We went to my parents house and ate White Chicken Chili (Seriously so good) and hung out. We then went out when we thought it was safe, but got poured on and came home dretching wet. I only took Lex to about 10 houses. But everytime someone put candy in her bag, she went "Awwwwww!!! Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!!" She is hilarious! I laughed the entire time. The boys loved it, they get more and more excited every year. Ash was way into it this year and would have never stopped if we didn't make him. Lexi's Antennas didn't make it to trick or treating, thank goodness I got pics before then. She was not excited about her costume at first, but then I ended up having to fight her to get it off.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Rainbow

We seen the most beautiful rainbow tonite at my parents. I love rainbows!

Happy Halloween from our family to yours!!!

Halloween update tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Okay, my blog is making me mad, I can't post anything on my computer, I have to pull it up on my phone and publish it. GGGRRR!!!!

Anyways, life is calmer this week. Thank goodness!

I have been wanting to post about some things for weeks now and well you know!!!

Lexi is growing up fast, she is busy and I mean BUSY!!!! I call her a tornado, because everywhere she is or has been, there is a mess!! She has an attitude like you wouldn't believe. She doesn't wanna be touched or picked up or anything, but on her terms. She currently has a black eye, a bump on her forehead and I believe if she gets one more bruise on her leg, child services may be called....kidding! She is a daredevil, not afraid of ANYTHING. She stands on chairs, tables and climbs everything. I really cannot keep up with the girl. And she is obsessed with babies, I think she currently has about 30 babies arranging from really little to big. She inherited a old cabbage patch from 1984 from my Grandma (her Great Grandma) and had the thing ripped outta the box 3 seconds after we got home. She hates her winter jacket, she sees it and runs. The thing is, I can't imagine my life without her, she fits right in. She admires her brothers, they can make her giggle like no other. She is so different in many ways. But I wouldn't trade her for the world. I just wish she could grow up a little slower.

So here is her Halloween costume, she was scared of it and well that changed when I bought her new shoes to go with it and she focuses on them now. Thank goodness!!

Also, Lexi's room is finally COMPLETE, yup it took me 17 monthes, but we got there. She inherited a baby rocking chair (Same person she got the cabbage patch), its perfect for her room, she got a dresser, FINALLY!

And the last picture is to prove a girl can never have too many bows, I counted hers and just on the wall hanging up is over 50. She has another drawer full and a basket full. Yup, she, oh wait...her Mom loves bows!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Falling leaves

Well our lives have been a little chaotic this past week. We have had a dislocated rib (Bob), an infected tooth (me) and Perotitis (Jaxon). My life never slows down ever, I would love to go ONE week or even ONE day without total chaos. Bob thought he was dying, but he just had a dislocated rib, not fun. Me, I had another tooth chip and get infected because I always put myself last...STUPID ME!! So I spent a day getting a tooth pulled and I am still in major pain. Jax woke up on Thursday morning looking like he was storing food for winter. He has one step down from the Mumps, it called Perotitis, its viral instead of bacterial, which means it IS NOT contagious. So he is on a heavy antibiotic and has to eat sour things to help wiht swelling. OH FUN!!!!

We still manage to fit in fun on Friday when for the 15 minutes I was feeling okay and could stand. So we played in the leaves. This is Lexi's first time in the leaves, so it was fun to watch her. She loved it.

In this picture you can see how swolen Jax cheeks are, they were 3 times bigger on Thursday morning. I feel so bad for him.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Fun

Warning: Picture overload, I can never choose favorites, so I post them all.

I could really list a million reason why I love this time of year, but I will spare you...
This is absolutely one of my favorite things to do in fall. I don't care that it cost almost $50.00 for us to go, to me its worth every penny and we always have fun. Lex was really small last year, so it was fun for her this year. The only thing that made me mad, was my bright Husband sent over down the long tube slide BY HERSELF, yes you read that right, she was alone. I was expecting it to be Daddy and her, and then I see my little girl alone. But guess who was all smiles....YUP LEXI!!!

The day was a total success and I expect my kids to sleep good tonite.