Friday, May 27, 2011

Jaxon's Birthday Dinner

My first born is turning 7 years old....sad!!

His only request was for the fried ice cream from Garcia's and well his request was fulfilled.

Before we left...

The 7 year old smile...yup, its that good!!!

Lexi proudly annoucing before entering that she was done....OH YES, she was done! Two year old and restaurant don't go together.

From Grandma he got swim shorts, plaid shorts and a tank top.

From Jim, Deanne, Tyler and Kaylee a water nerf gun.

From Phil, Lindsey, Jase and Kase, a kite, bubbles, bubble blowers and chalk.

From Kay and Dave, a nerf gun and more chalk.

From Nanny and Joy, a hot wheels car set, skateboards and more skateboards

Friends forever.

And a Happy Birthday from Garcia's

His one and only request served....and he loved it!!

And he loved every bit of with his friends.

His stash...Thanks to everyone who came.

His gift from us is coming next Friday, its a pretty big surprise...stay tuned!!!

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Sunset Stanley said...

Happy Birthday Jax! 7 years old already. Wow time flies! That fried ice cream looks amazing!