Thursday, September 24, 2009

Growing up before my eyes...

I think its crazy how fast time flies. I swear this year just started and here we are with 3 months left. Of course a lot has happened this year, but we are feeling more blessed to have everyone doing just fine right now.

Jaxon started school about 5 weeks ago, we got a phone call the first day of school....SUPRISE, SUPRISE!!! I went in and met with the teacher, who by the way, I love! We talked about things that happened with Jaxon over the summer and everything that happen with our family. She was totally understanding to everything. She had brought up that they had to color themselves and Jaxon drew a line down the middle like the scar his Dad has on his chest. I said its perfectly normal for him to do that with everything he has gone through. He has been through more in the last 6 months than some people go through in a lifetime. After the meeting I met up with her again, Jaxon is doing AWESOME in school, he brings home projects everyday and I am amazed by how much he has already learned and I totally take back what I said about Kindergarten being a waste of time. Jaxon is now going to counceling every week for the next 2 months, he needs someone to talk to about his anger and frustrations. Plus someone to talk to about everything that has gone on and help him cope with it. Jax is such a smart kid, I can't imagine my life without him, even when he does fustrate me to no end, i love the kid to death and would do anything in the world for him.

Ashton is talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and did I mention TALKING. He does not stop at all! Ashton has grown a ton lately, he is growing up too fast. He loves to color and make a mess, he likes to tear up paper and leave it on the floor. He has the strangest obsession with things like rocks, ever since he was 1 he loves rocks, he always has about 5 rocks in his pocket. Ashton has decided that eating is not a neccesity anymore, he maybe eats dinner once a week, the rest of the time he picks and says he is done 3 minutes into dinner. Ashton can't wait to be 4 (or pour as he calls it). He actually tells people his his 4, it cracks me up. Ashton loves to sing, he stills sings cowgirls don't cry and boots with the fur, especially when Lex has her boots with the fur on. SILLY KID! Ashton, what would I do without you, seriously! HE definately put the meaning of FAMILY together. LOVE THIS KID!!

Now my sweet baby girl, who is doing awesome! She is growing like a weed and I hate it so much. She rolls everywhere and loves her thumb. She sucks her thumb now and yes its cute right now, but will it be in 6 months. Ask me then? She is eating baby food, but hates pretty much....EVERYTHING. Her favorites so far are carrots and applesauce, everything else she gags on and refuses to eat it. I think she is finally growing, but I believe length wise the most. She is definately going to be tall. I love my little girl so much. I love having two girls in the house and someone that I will eventually be able to have girlie talks with.

Now for a Bob update for all the people that check my blog for that and yes he is consider one of the kids...KIDDING...HAHAHAHA!!!

Bob is doing great, he is gaining strength back very quickly, I am amazed. He has mowed the lawn twice, because he couldn't stand it any longer. I begged him not to do it, but he doesn't listen like most men. He already says he feels different as a good different. He can walk up a flight of stairs without feeling exhausted and he has SOOOOO much more energy already. Our goal is to run a 5K next year and we will do it. This weekend we are hiking waterfall canyon, I am super excited and Bob is too. I am so thankful he is doing better and continue to pray that it stays that way. We go next Wednesday for a cardiac MRI and hopefully everything will look fine. His scar is looking very good, I am amazed. His back looks horrible still and he will have a scar forever, but thats okay. As long as he is here and good I am fine with that.

Also, I don't know how many people have heard about Paul Cardall, the musician. He was born with a heart disease and just received a new heart two weeks ago. Amazingly he is already home with this sweet little girl and wife. Amazing story if you ever want to read his blog I truly recommend reading his amazing story of strength, struggle, hope and faith. He is a true miracle and his story is amazing. From what I understand he will be writing a book, I can't wait!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

YES, we are CRAZY!!!

We had a blast at the State Fair last night. I am still recovering from an exhausting night of running around after kids, making sure the kids were happy and looking at animals. We seen a 1 ton bull, it was huge, lots of cows, goats and sheep. The food was beyond expensive, but we still managed to have fun. Next time though, I will eat on the way down and spend more money riding rides. Here are some pictures from our night out!!

This car was pretty sweet! It had all these signs all over it and it was hilarious! Ashton refused to stand by it, he was having a night!

The race cars were the boys favorite. They giggled like I have never heard them giggle before. LOVE IT!!!

Bob and the kids rode the GIANT YELLOW SLIDE. I thought Ash would hate it, but he loved it.

One of the only request from the boys was to ride the helicopter, yes out of all the things to ride, my boys wanted to ride Helicopters. Bob decided to ride the Dragons with them and discovered he is not as young as he thinks.

The boys were pretty worn out and only had one request and that was a slushie, so I gave in and bought the $4.00 slushies.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Its crazy to think that this girl was this girl below 4 months ago:

She has changed so much, her personality, her looks and everything.

Yesterday she went to the doctor and we got good news and bad news:

BAD NEWS is that her heart isn't getting better, this just plain sucks! Yes its only been two weeks since her cardiology appt at Primarys, but she only has until she is 9 months. I totally misunderstood the doctor down there, I thought for sure there was no surgery at all. Well I was wrong. The doctor basically said that things look good right now, because she isn't showing any signs. BUT and I hate BUTS, this can change at any moment or day. Basically she will show signs of heart failure. I hate that word, I hate the thought of it and I just hate it! Signs are sweating during feedings, turning blue, chronic cough, slow weight gain and tired all the time. Well Lexi is showing NO SIGNS, which leads to the GOOD NEWS. She is gaining weight really good. FINALLY!!! She is going to be tall, she is in the 90 percentile, her weight is the 65 percentile and her head is teeny at 20 percentile. She started solids yesterday and she loves it. She LOVES oatmeal! I am hoping that this will keep her weight where it needs to be. She is doing amazing! I am so proud of her. So with some prayers and the grace of God I am hoping for a miracle so that next year there will be NO SURGERY and I won't have to have a break down. But for right now I will be thankful that she is doing good and hope it continues!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


We finally made our way to the HOGLE Zoo and what better timing then to see all the cute babies there.

We seen monkey of all sorts, golden brown monkeys, striped monkeys, small monkeys, large monkey and some monkeys of my own.

We got to see that cute and adorable baby elephant, she was absolutely precious! I wanted to take her home. Boy did she have quite the personality also.

We got to see the baby giraffe who was born July 30th, so cute also. She was so teeny compared to her parents.

One of my favorites was the baby tiger, I guess there was three, but we only seen one. It was hard to get a picture of him. Lexi pooped out half way through and fell asleep in her stroller.

We also seen the baby arangutan, so cute! We had a blast and got to the car just before the rain started...PERFECT TIMING!! This was of course Ashton and Lexi's first time at the Zoo and Ash loved it!