Sunday, October 27, 2013

The past few weeks...

We've had a lot going on for the past two weeks.

We originally planned not to leave Texas until November 15th, but as we all know God has our plans set in stone and we don't always know them.

I didn't have a job at the time of our decision and the plan was that I'd find one over time or at the start of the year.  Well once again, things changed.  I ended up being offered a job last week.  But before then I had told Bob I was ready to GO.  I couldn't stay here any longer.  I've been so depressed for the last 11 months that its horrible.  I can't even describe how I feel, its just not right.  I've put on more weight than I care to admit, I've let myself go and I hate it.  I'm ready to start a new life.  I'm ready to take my faith back to Utah and grow more. 

I'm NOT the same person I was 11 months ago or even 6 months ago.  I've changed.  Its going to be  a little hard to get into a routine again, but I already feel so much more comfortable knowing that everything will be fine again.  I won't have to worry about my boys in the mornings or after school, I won't have to worry where Lexi is going to go while I'm at work and I WON'T be commuting 2-3 hrs A DAY.  I'm excited for this new adventure in my life.

These three have been my rock for the last year.  So many times I've wanted to give up and all I had to do was look at them and know that giving up wasn't an option.

One day leaving work this Coyote was hanging out on the lawn by our parking lot.  I had always seen him about a mile away, never this close.

Just my boy growing up.  We've had some struggles with Jaxon lately which is also making the decision to move easier on us.  He started the school year with a horrible teacher and we got him changed a couple of weeks ago only to be leaving, but the last two weeks have been "worry free".

I've realized this more and more and more.  I wanted to question so badly why I came here, but I think I know why.....I needed him.

Whenever I'm having a down day, the best therapy in the world is the Bible.  It will not fail you.

He has big dreams, to become a pilot one day....I say, GO FOR IT!!

This child is ALWAYS eating.

Gecko's are very popular here, they are everywhere outside.  This guy, we caught a few weeks ago and I felt bad, his tail ripped off and he had a sore by his neck. 

Oh how I love these two.

Once again my babies on a Sunday after church.

Oh where would I be without you Starbucks???

Sometimes when you need to think, taking a drive is the best thing to do, maybe down that road that is unfamiliar.

Hard being SEVEN.

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with his school picture, normally I dislike them.

Just my boy and Grandpa's Dog

And my cheesy boys school picture, loved them both.

Believe in the impossible, even when its hard.

Grandpa had cement poured last week and when he showed it to us, Lex name was written in the concrete.  Its hard for me to look at this picture and not get tears in my eyes.  My Grandpa is a "tough guy", he doesn't show emotion and sometimes it bothers me.  But I know he loves my Family and I without a doubt in the world.  There isn't anything he wouldn't do for them.  Lexi has him wrapped around her fingers.  He just lights up being with her and it makes me smile. 

Another thing I struggle with, I always want things to happen right then and there...well that's not the way it works.

We officially packed up and living out of suitcases and boxes....OH BOY!!!

Just some daily coloring.

Every Friday for the last 4 years I've worked only 4 hrs, that is changing.  I've gotten to spend my Fridays going on lunch dates with this girl and then the boys when they aren't in school.  I'm sad about this, but know that it'll be okay.

Just a Nova.

Finally cooling down in Texas, you know to the 70s....UGH!!

Lex is being a witch this year.

Another Friday date with my girl.

Before church, sassy attitude.

Cute Daisy.

Talked her Great Grandma and Grandpa into a toy.....AGAIN!!


Well when I had 28 days, now I have FOUR...that's it, just four days and a part of me is wanting to jump and scream, the other part wants to cry.  This has been so hard.  I can't even explain how hard it has been.  I picked up everything and left everything I knew and was comfortable with.  I know that I needed this without a doubt and I'm so thankful for the experience, but I'm ready to go home.  Utah is where my HEART belongs and I'm ready....

Monday, October 14, 2013


Finally a Gold Starbucks member, took me long enough....LOL

"Hi Mom, I just ate your brand new chapstick!!"

Snuggles with Daisy

Girly girl

This year has flown by, can't believe its October

Texas doesn't get the memo about Fall until like December I hear (good thing I'll be gone), its still in the 100s and I'm wearing my boots.

This girl loves to color, write and be creative

Just one of the many days where Lexi comes out wearing the most random things.  Normally its socks on her hands.

Posing for a picture

added lights to my fall decor

I think he is cute.

National Coffee Day

New hair style

Jax decided to dress up this year, thank goodness.

Homemade chicken pizza

Columbus Day with these three.

My babies

Took the boys and dogs for a walk.

The Texas sky is Beautiful

Friday Lunch Dates with my girl, they will probably be ending....sadness!!!

Just a nap on the way home from being picked up

shrek girl

Another one of Nova's funny lounges

I want to take a Gecko home....

Nova explanation needed

Oh, this girl has major dreams

Can always count on Ash for a good laugh

New pictures, new frames

$2.10 shirts at Target, my kind of deal

Treat the monkeys to Starbucks on Fridays

Poor Ashton's asthma has been out of control


Daisy Snuggles

Big monster

Lex is packing her shoes....she is ready to go.