Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 1 - Roy to Santa Rosa, NM

Our vacation didn't start too well, but we weren't about to let anything ruin our fun.  Within an hour of the car ride at 4am in the morning, Lexi peed her pants and Ashton puked in the car.  It was not fun.  Ash was sick from then on and has been since.

We made a stop in Price to top off on gas, then stopped in Moab for a break, then went into a small part of Colorado and ended up stopping in New Mexico at Shiprock for lunch.  I have to say that New Mexico is the trashiest state I've ever been in, its horrible.  The craziest thing is seeing a sign that says "Littering WILL NOT be tolerated in this state."  I'm just wondering who is NOT doing their job. 

After lunch, we made our way to Albuquerque and Ash was still sick, so we decided to head an hour more down the road to Santa Rosa and call it a night.

Santa Rosa had NOTHING to help Ash tummy, not even Ginger Ale. 

We stayed at the Comfort Suites, it was nice and had a pool.

Ash had a pretty rough night not being able to keep a thing down.

The next morning, we got a free full blown continental breakfast and then hit the road.

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