Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012

I know, it was what almost 9 days ago and I am feeling guilty, we did NOTHING for Easter and I mean NOTHING.  The truth is I had just returned from a 11 day exhausting vacation and I wasn't feeling it.  I went shopping on Saturday for Easter gifts, didn't even set them out, I gave them to my kids (Yes, another feel guilty moment).  I wanted to be in bed early and knew I would probably be asleep before my two older monkeys.  Well I was indeed asleep early.  When I handed them the "Easter Bunny" gifts, Jax said "Mom, you do know that the Easter bunny comes at night, not during the day!"  I said "I know Jax, but I had to meet with him early before we left, because I didn't know if we would be back from vacation."  He said "Mom, I know who the Easter bunny is and Santa and all of that!"  I said "Jax, when you stop believing, they stop coming!"  And well we left it at that.  I am sad though about it and I have thought long and hard about it.  My oldest baby isn't a baby anymore, he wears a size 5 shoe, YES, size 5, SAD and will be taller than me by the time he is a teenager.  So I sat him down and told him the truth and he didn't say a word, I think he was shocked to hear that his suspisions were right all along.  I told him that his two other siblings were still too young and that he had to play along, he agreed.  I don't remember what age I was when I stopped "believing", even though I believe now, you do too right?  I thought Jax knew his first year of school when some older kid told him that believing in Santa was stupid.  That kid I hope didn't get anything for Christmas. 

So back to Easter....or what I would like to call my recovery day.  Since Saturday was jam packed with getting a car wash, oil change (since we returned from vacation and driving 3,000 miles), buying Easter gifts, grocery shopping (because my kids weren't sure they were going to get fed), unpacking, organizing things (Oh wait, I am still doing that) and getting back in to the groove of things.  So Sunday came, I got up, ran some errands and came home and took a FOUR HOUR NAP, yes, that is right.  We didn't do a big huge Easter lunch/dinner, we didn't go on a egg hunt, we didn't get together with family (we had been together for 11 days straight, I'm sure my parents needed a break) and we didn't discuss the Easter bunny.  We DID NOTHING.  I took a nice long nap and did laundry and was in bed by 8pm, it was great.  Although, now I am regretting it.  I regret not getting dressed up, not having deviled eggs, not having an egg hunt, not having my kids excited about the bunny and not getting together with my family.  BUT, I know there is always next year.  And I am STILL recovering from my vacation and its almost two weeks.  I can't seem to get back in the groove of things, I can't seem to NOT feel tired.  WHY? 

But I do want to mention that my kids do have the best Aunt in the world, I cannot believe how much she spoiled them, she brought them each over a basket full of stuff and totally beat this Mom is the Easter gift field.  She got Lex a pink basket with dizzy dancers, a coloring book, crayons and other goodies.  Jax got a blue basket with some boy toys (sorry, I don't remember the names) and some goodies and Ash a green basket with the same.  My kids were thrilled, as was my sister in just giving it to them  My kids are lucky to have an Aunt who adores each of them and would do anything in the world for them.  From us, my boys got new helmets for their new bikes they got before we left and Lex got a coloring book and markers and bubbles.

So Happy Easter 9 days late.

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Thiago & Teri said...

I say no worries about Easter being kinda low key. You just got back from a huge vacation, I am sure your kids didn't mind one bit.

Kinda sad about Jax and the Santa and Easter bunny thing. I keep thinking about that lately, wondering how I will handle it when the time comes with Carson. Hate to see them getting older and figuring those kinds of things out....