Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 9 - Santa Fe to Pagosa Springs

We woke after an extremely good night sleep, its amazing how much a good mattress can do.  We hit the road around 8:30, our drive this day was short, we only had 4 hrs to drive.

This drive was beautiful, I could hardly believe the scenery.

We then stopped off at this place called "Echo Ampitheather", it was really neat and we hiked up to the ampitheater, which was a rock.

And right before we left, this little guy above popped out of a hole, I have no clue what it is.  I think he looks like a mouse, Bob says its a mole. 

Then we headed to one of my favorite places right now...Pagosa Springs, I highly recommend it to anyone, its about 8 hrs away, but totally worth it.

We stayed at "The Springs Resort", it was not cheap, but we felt a pretty good deal for 7 people and access to 23 hot springs to soak in was included.

We soaked for about 4 hours.  Tempatures in the pools range from 41 (which is the river and its called the Berg) to 116, the highest Bob and I got into was 112, which was called the Lobster.  There are 23 pools and 5 are for 18 and older only.  We really loved it and Bob and I plan to go back, just the two of us.

After soaking we headed to dinner over the bridge from our hotel to this Mexican Restaurant that we went to last time we accidently ended up in Pagosa Springs and that is how we discovered it. 

After dinner, we headed back to our room for treats and relaxation before our LONG drive HOME the next day.

This was the first day that Ash was himself in over a week.  I felt a little bit better about letting him not sleep by my side.  He had energy, he ate and he didn't nap all day like the days before.  I was so happy to have him back.

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