Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 6 - The Mint and Texas Motor Speedway

This was Monday and it was a VERY BUSY DAY, we were on the go from the time we got up to til bed time.

We went to Whataburger, its kind of like In N' Out only more options and I think its better.

Then we went to The Bureau of Engraving and Pressing, basically "The Mint".  It was the neatest experience, but no cameras or phones or anything was allowed.

But I did get some sourvenirs.

We also got to see the new $100.00 bill which hasn't been released or even announced to the public yet.  It was pretty cool and I got the 4 $1.00 bills that haven't been cut, kind of neat.

Next, we went to the Texas Motor Speedway, I honestly hate Nascar, but I thought this was the coolest thing.  We took a tour and they were giving "thrill rides", so we got to see cars on the raceway.

The tour lasted about an hour and we got to see quite a bit.

Some fun things to remember:

*They have suites that hold up to 64 people, they are $75,000 a year and you have to sign a 3 year contract.

*You can't use them every day of the year, only when they have events.

*Its free to park in the parking lots, you pay NOTHING.

*You can fit 4 of the Dallas Cowboys stadium into the speedway and still have room, its huge.

*The blue and red seats are seats people have bought, all they have to do is buy season tickets and the seats are theirs for LIFE.

*They have a hospital with a surgeon, doctor, nurses and all right there.

*Each driver goes through about 5 changes of tires per race, thats a lot of tires.

*The people who put the tires on, are trained to do it in 15 seconds or less, that is their job and they practice it.

*Over 100 cars come to qualify, only 43 make it, no more or less.

I highly suggest if your in Dallas area to go on the tour, neatest experience and I learned a lot.

Next, we went to visit more family later that night and barbecued.  I haven't seen this family in a LONG time, like since 1993 long.

Bridgett and Brandi are my Dad's cousins, so they are second to me.  Bridgett has 4 kids, 3 boys and a girl, so cute.  We got all the kids together for a picture, this is the only one they are looking in.

Then, we left to go back to my Grandparents where they had a surprise for the kids.

These kids are SPOILED.

And then it was night night time...

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