Friday, April 27, 2012

My Little Girl

Beautiful, Sassy, Intelligent, Driven, Sweet, Heartbreaker, Independent, Crazy, Loveable, Free spirit, Bright, determined, picky, pretty, Princess, All girl

My beautiful baby girl, how I wish the time didn't pass so quickly.  This girl is full of life, she doesn't miss a beat.  And in 3 short weeks, she will officially be three.  I can't believe it.  I can't believe she does all that she does, accomplishes all that she has, is as smart as she is and as fiesty as they come.  She keeps us on our toes and constantly on the go.  She is bossy.

About two weeks before our vacation, the Marketing director for Citi contacted Bob and I to share Lexi's story for March of Dimes, who knew that our story would be shared with the entire world one day.  Well it will be....currently its on Citi's blog.  Its hard to think sometimes of all we went through to get Lex here and at times its hard to believe that it happened.  She has far turned every hurdle thrown her way and has proven doctors wrong in many areas.  I hope, if anything her story is hope for someone else.  I know I read stories that were hope for me to not give up. I hope that there is a Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Dad or some other family member that needs to hear Lexi's story and I hope that they know that at the time things seem hard, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, miracles do happen and EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

I also hope my daughter can look back one day and see how she CHANGED the world.  If you are on FB, go to Citibank US and like their page, our story will be there tomorrow for the whole world.  Right now, it just shows a picture of Bob and I saying that our story will be shared. 

How blessed we are... 

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Thiago & Teri said...

That is awesome, I will have to check it out on Thiago's facebook.

I didn't know your mom had MS, that must be so very hard. It is a mean disease, from what I hear.