Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 5 - Church and Relaxation

It was Sunday.  My Grandparents go to church every single Sunday.  They go to a Non denominational Church called Journey Church.  About 50-75 people attend and it was the most amazing experience I've ever had.  They did an Easter thing and the talks were amazing along with the songs sang.  My Kids attended Sunday school all in different classes and did very well.

It was super HOT in Texas the entire time we were there and the humidity was outrageous.  So after church we went to this amazing italian restaurant called Zio's, seriously almost better than Olive Garden...ALMOST, nothing beats Olive Garden's salad and breadsticks.  I got the Spinach Artichoke pasta, seriously HEAVEN.

Then Bob needed some Cherry Tart and the only place that sold it was GNC, Texas is huge and we traveled across town to another city, I can't even remember the name to get this stuff.  While driving back we seen this IDIOT.

He has both feet to the side and at one point had no hands on the handle bars.  And we wonder why people die on Motorcycles.  I NOW know.

We then headed back home, I had already sent Ash home with my parents and I walked in the door and this is how I found Ash.

Hand down his pants and all, poor guy still didn't feel good.  I felt so bad.

It was pretty windy this day and so we sat out side and enjoyed the breeze, although it was still humid.

Later that day, Bonnie (My Step Grandma), my Mom and I sat down and went through pictures, it was fun to look back at things.

It was a good Sunday!

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