Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 4 - Oklahoma (Catfish restaurant and Turner Falls)

When I was a child we would fly in my Grandpa's plane up to this Catfish place.  The only way to get up there was to fly.  I have been wanting to go back forever,  but obviously live too far away.  So I mentioned it to my Grandpa and we made plans.  We left for Oklahoma around 9am in the morning, stopped by CVS for drinks and Ashton puked all over the store.  It was horrible.  I thought for sure he was feeling better...I WAS WRONG.

We got some nausea medication, gatorade and made our way to Oklahoma.  The drive wasn't bad at all and before I knew it we were in Oklahoma.

We first stopped at this rest stop and my Dad chased after me with that huge beetle pictured above.  It was huge, I am serious.

We then made our way to McGehee Catfish Restaurant, best catfish and fries EVER.  They also make this green tomatoe thing and its amazing.  We got stuffed after 4 plates of catfish.

After, we made our way to Turner Falls, I guess my Grandpa took my Mom here as a child.  Its amazing and I hope to go back one day with a swim suit and hiking shoes.

This place is amazing.  It has waterfalls everywhere, its so hard to describe.  You'll have to look it up online, my pictures don't do it justice.  You can swim there and walk all over the rocks in the water, they have caves, we only found a small one, I had flip flops on.  I could've stayed there all day had I had my swim suit.

Jaxon was in heaven as well as my Grandpa, they are so alike.  Ash wasn't feeling good at all and just sat eveywhere he could.  Lex on the other hand, turned into a MAJOR Diva this trip and cried everytime she got dirt on her hands.  But Great Grandpa quickly got her to go in the water, but she quickly ran out.

You had to drive over water to get in and out, it was seriously so cool.  I can't wait to take my kids back there some day.

After Turner Falls, it was getting late, so we started to make our way back.

On the way out right before the border of Texas they are building this HUGE casino, I mean its huge.  I couldn't believe it.  We were going to stop, but Ash wasn't feeling good and we were all tired.

It was such a neat experience.  I'm so glad we got to do this with my Grandparents.

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