Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 3 - Zoo and Hospital

I prayed Ash would wake up and want to eat and drink, but nope, I was wrong, he again wanted NOTHING.

He lounged around and slept a lot.  We made plans to go to the zoo, he wasn't throwing up, so I thought we'd be good. 

The Ft. Worth zoo was so different from the Hogle zoo, the animals didn't look sick and they were very active.  We only  seen a quarter of the zoo before Ash broke out in a full blown cry because he wanted to leave.  It was extremely humid.  83% that day.

We left and went home and hung out.

At this point Ash looked horrible, had no color to him and he was really lethargic, I knew I had to get him to the doc.  So my Step-Grandma (Bonnie) and I headed to a clinic, they quickly transferred us to Cook's Children's Hospital in Fort Worth.  I was scared, not sure what was happening, but Ashton was HORRIBLE and it wasn't good.

We got back quickly and they quickly determined he was pretty dehydrated.  My phone was dying and I had no charger, because I had no plans of spending the night at the hospital.  But the nurse who took care of Ash brought me her charger.  The people at this hospital were amazing.  My Grandmother had to wear a mask as she had a kidney transplant a year ago and has no immune system.  They send in a child life specialist to talk to the child before they do an IV.  Ash hadn't had one since he was a baby.  This guy was amazing at his job, he asked Ash what he wanted to be when he grew up, Ash said a "singer".  He asked Ash his favorite song and Ash said "Dynamite song".  He found it on his phone, Ash sang it the whole time they were doing the IV, I held his hand and his Great Grandma was dancing in the corner.  She had the guy rolling and then the IV was done.  Ash said "I didn't even feel it!"  They use numbing stuff that is amazing now.

He quickly perked up and was chatting after the first 440 ML's were flushed through him. 

We ended up leaving around 11:30 and got home after midnight, we were exhausted.

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