Sunday, April 22, 2012

Waterfall Canyon

For the last two years we have talked and talked and talked about hiking Waterfall Canyon.  I've hiked it several times as a child and well I woke up this morning and said to Bob "Lets be spontaneous, lets hike Waterfall Canyon, all five of us!"  He said "OKAY!"  So we left at 8:45am, stopped to buy Lex some shoes good for hiking, because out of the 50 pairs of shoes she has, she had NOTHING to hike in.    So we got to the trail about 15 after.  It was beautiful and perfect weather, but about 30 mins into it, the sun popped over the mountain and it got HOT.

Sorry a couple of the pictures are blurry.  But we had fun.  We DID NOT make it all the way.
  We were short by a quarter of a mile, Lex wouldn't stop crying that her legs hurt and I was done myself.  I am WAY out of shape.  My goal this summer is to get back into shape.  I've got to for my kids sake.

SN:  I forgot to note that its a 3 mile hike round trip and its all UP hill on the way there, so your downhill going back.  Its a beautiful hike and I suggest if you go, going super early, it gets busy.

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Sunset Stanley said...

I've never done that either and it sounds fun! I'm going to put it onto our summer to do list, thanks for the idea :)