Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today, I feel good. I feel optimistic, determined and overwhelmed with positive energy. It could be that I got 6 hrs of sleep instead of 2-4 hrs. I feel that no matter the outcome EVERYTHING is going to okay, I will be fine and I will overcome this all.

And part of the reason is because I have these 3 kids to keep me going. I have kept my emotions together in front of them, I haven't said anything to them. I don't want their world to be flipped over, I want to continue on as normal.

I only had one scare today. I hate when a doctors office says "We won't call you unless something is wrong!" Well I left my desk for 10 mins and came back to a missed call from the doctors office. My heart sank and honestly I wasn't sure I wanted to call them back, but I did. It was my blood work that had came back. They tested everything, thyroid, Mono, infection and a whole bunch of other stuff. Everything was GREAT and I felt a big weight lifted off my shoulders. Now I just have to face next week, but I am ready, ready to have it over with and life back to somewhat normal hopefully.

"FAITH is the very first thing you should pack in your HOPE chest"

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Eric and Jenny said...

Beautiful words friend, and what a wonderful attitude. Strength is a word that very much so defines you with all you guys have been through.

I am not sure why but I really do have a feeling everything will be just fine for you, just a little hiccup that's all.

Keep up those great thoughts....