Thursday, April 14, 2011

CRAZY Confessions

Recently Bob and my kids have pointed out a few things to me and well I just want to make sure I am not CRAZY. So here they are...

1. I cannot allow my kids to dress themselves. I hate when Bob is home and lets Ashton get dressed before I get home. In January Bob was home with the kids and well I came home and Ash was wearing camo pants and black shirt (he didn't match), Jax was wearing camo pants and white shirt with a skull on it (you get the point) and Lex was wearing black pants and her pajama shirt. I was embarassed that he took them out in pubic like that.

2. I have a routine I follow, get up, gets clothes together, go pee (sorry TMI), brush teeth, get Ashton up, get dressed, do hair, get shoes on, put make up and get lunch together. Go to work and work. Then come home, shower (I have to shower after work), do laundry, feed kids, do homework, do more laundry, get on computer and then RELAX.

3. I have a weird obsession with notepads, I make lists everyday of things I need to do, whether they get done or not is the question. I make lists of things to pick up at the store, I make lists of Birthday presents and many many more lists, I am a lists girl, what can I say.

4. I use coupons for everything and if I don't have a coupon, then it has to come off the clearance rack, for instance, last week I bought 700.00 worth of clothes for 150.00. I know, shocker right, but it can happen. I got Jaxon a pair of sketcher shoes from Kohls for $11.00. I use coupons to go out to dinner, to go places for example at the classic fun center I spent 23 dollars that includes a large pizza and drinks. Yup, it can happen. I don't think I am an extreme couponer in no way, I like to save money. I don't buy 100 toothbrushes and get paid for it, for any of you that watch Extreme Couponer. But my Husband is always amazed, sometimes he gets annoyed with it when I say "Hold on, let me search for a coupon!" But I am saving him money or US!!

5. I can't go in public with out my hair done or Lexi's, I don't know why this drives me crazy, but it does. I will even drive home from my parents, do her hair and drive to where I need to go. And well if I went out in public with my hair a mess, everyone would laugh and tell me to go home.

6. I don't like to eat after 7pm, this could be good for some people and others may think I am weird. But on Monday, we were running behind schedule and ate at 6:50pm, I was panicking and Bob was laughing. I maybe have 2-3 snacks after 7pm a year. And well one of those is right now and thats because I am enjoying my new favorite treat. Craisins-Blueberry Flavor.

7. I don't like having any plans on Sundays, they are my day to relax, get things ready for the week and go NOWHERE. I occasionally will run to the store, but only if I have cabin fever and need to get out. Other than that, I don't like to leave the house on Sundays.

8. My pictures saved to my drive on saved like this month/year, activity and then numbered from current to last. It makes it WAY convenient for me, I like it that way.

9. I have a hard time trying new things at restaurants, I always get the same thing. Cafe rio - Veggie Salad, Wendys - Spicy Chicken sandwich, Zupas - Turkey Bacon Avacado with either Chicken Enchilada soup or barbecue chicken salad, Applebees - chicken wrap, Subway - Subway Club, you get the point. It sometimes bugs me though, I say I am going to try something and get there and order what I always do.

10. I actually realized this today while sitting at my desk, I doodle on everything, I was cleaning out notepads and on the back of every single one I have doodle my kids names, flowers and crazy objects. I always have to be doing something, I think I may have ADD.

So there you have it. I am sure I have more crazy things I do, although I think their normal. I like the way I do things.


Eric and Jenny said...

You are so cute, what a fun read and it made me realize how much in common you and I have. We were destined to be friends!

I can't leave without doing my hair either, though I will say my idea of doing my hair has major changed. Now most days I just pull it back but still I pull it back before leaving the house with makeup of course.

The only difference between us is I cannot get into couponing. I wish I could but it gives me such a headache! You are so cute, I loved this post!

The Felds said...

I LOVE this post! We are quite similar as well... who would have thought :)

Friend, if you EVER want to come to church with me you are MORE than welcome!!! If you are interested I can get you my number. I know I've mentioned AWANA before to you on Wednesday nights, that's the best place for kids - Sunday service unfortunately there isn't a children's church because our congregation is so small. Let me know if you want more info!