Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Part 1: Coloring Eggs

I love this. Jax set up the coloring stuff. He had blue in green, orange in blue, green in pink, pink in orange and yellow in yellow. But I liked it, because he did it.

My boys had ZERO interest in coloring eggs, Jax liked it for about 10 minutes and then playing outside was better. Ashton said it was boring and that he would rather crack eggs on heads. Yes, I have TWO busy BOYS!!!

Jax wrote his name on one egg and then hit the road...Ashton was already gone at this point.

They left Grandma and Lex to handle it all....

Oh wait, just kidding, they stuck around long enough for me to snap a few more pics while Lexi dipped her fingers in food coloring and then licked them...

She also licked the egg, stared at it, carried it around the house and then cracked it, brought it back to us and told us YUCK!!!

We had fun and you notice I didn't edit her nose, memories I guess and it looks TONS better. Glad she is healing just fine.

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